January 19, 2023

One Man's Fight Against Communism

©2023 Marlin O. Wallace

Part 1

    The purpose of this article is to expose the communist conspiracy to use radiation weapons on people. I have been targeted by the reds with radiation attacks ever since 1961. Many times in the 1970s, I was being hit with radiation attacks day and night while in my own home here in America.
    Along with the radiation torture, I was being subjected to all kinds of communist harassment. It is obvious the reds were not only trying to drive me insane with torture, but they were also experimenting on me. Whole series of different kinds of radiation attacks were used on me. Different parts of my body were being hit with the attacks. For weeks at a time, my sex organs, liver and brain were hit with attacks.
    In the beginning, I never knew what was causing the attacks. I got checked out by a lot of doctors who found no reason for the attacks. I discovered that I could stop some kinds of lasers with an ordinary piece of ceramic.
    After I was certain the attacks were coming from an outside source, I tried to get legal protection from the crimes being perpetrated against me. No law enforcement department, including the local police, FBI and US marshals would investigate my charges of persecution and torture. I proved conclusively there is no legal protection against radiation attacks in America.
    The firsthand information that I am revealing exposes the kinds of secret weapons the reds are using on people; it also shows how far the reds will go to target and destroy an individual. Because the radiation is “invisible”, the reds have tortured me day and night without any “visible” proof.


    The radar equipment of the reds can zero in on people in any ordinary building, and any minute part of the human body can be consistently hit with lasers without leaving a trace. Depending on the way the radiation is used, attacks can cause excruciating pain without leaving a mark on the victim.
    Before every radiation attack, a radar probe is used to locate the target. The radar probe feels like a faint touch. When I was experiencing a series of “twitch attacks”, I discovered that after feeling a “probe”, I could avoid an attack by turning my head every two seconds.
    Some kinds of lasers have hit the back of my head, causing numbness and temporary paralysis. One kind of violent laser attack on my brain caused me to break a bone in my right foot when I slammed into a door. This kind of attack causes the body to lurch completely out of control. I have had other kinds of radiation attacks that cause steadily aching pain. It is obvious that if any of the violent attacks that were used on my brain were used on the heart, it would cause instant death.
    The communist plan is to divide and conquer, and they will torture, maim and kill people in their efforts to enslave humanity. Throughout all of this torture and harassment, I have been isolated. No patriotic people have done anything to aid me in my fight against communism.


--Marlin O. Wallace


March 5, 2023

Part 2

    Torturous radiation attacks, persecution and communist harassment are an inescapable reality in my life. The worst of the torture was in the 1970s when I was being subjected to whole series of different kinds of radiation attacks in my own home. Some kinds of attacks would occur for a week or more before the reds would alternate with another kind of attack.
    The imminent threat from communist satellites is being covered up by corrupted world leaders. No one is safe from communist radiation attacks. The fact that the federal government, military and law enforcement agencies will not investigate communist crimes of radiation attacks proves America is being controlled by the reds.
    There has been a lot of confusion about what brand of communism controls America. For example, there is a split between American communism and Russian communism over the war in Ukraine. Regardless of the kind of communism, the ideology is faulted and not the solution for world peace.
    In a previous article, I described the effects of many kinds of radiation attacks. I also stated how doctors checked me out and could find nothing wrong with my health that would cause the attacks. At that time, I proved I could stop some kinds of lasers with an ordinary piece of ceramic. In this article, I want to describe just two of the many communist setups of harassment.





    In 1972, I was working at the Colonial Hotel in Springfield, MO when an agitator tried to start a fight with me for no reason. I beat the instigator in a fair fight and thought it was over. After I went to bed that night, I was hit in the brain with a violent laser attack that caused me to accidentally break a bone in my right foot. I was lurching uncontrollably and slammed into a door. Complications from this injury are still causing me trouble today after over 50 years. I want some kind of justice for this horrendous communist crime. Sadistic cowards waited for me to go to sleep and then hit me with an incapacitating radiation attack. There was no way I could defend myself against a secret and deadly weapon.
    In 1978, a truck began “backfiring” in front of my house. I tracked the vehicle down in my neighborhood. I told a fat man who drove the truck he was disturbing the peace. The driver tried to start a fight with me at his house. I returned to my house. A short time later, the fat man came to my house with his whole family and tried to start a fight. In this “fight setup”, the fat man swung at me and missed. I hit him and bloodied his nose. At that time, another man there threatened me and indicated he was going to join the fight. I told the fat man I was not going to fight both of them and gave up to avoid being “ganged”. I later found out these two cowards were from Cabool, MO. I thought the punk who threatened to interfere in the fight was the “brother-in-law” of the fat man.
    After the “fight setup” the reds began constantly harassing me by “backfiring” vehicles near me. I could not walk across town without the noise harassment. I was out numbered by an organization of communist criminals who would never leave me alone. There are a lot of other communist setups of harassment I could describe.

--Marlin O. Wallace


March 16, 2023

Part 3

    At this time, my fight against the communists has been mostly limited to exposing their crimes against me. I have not been able to get any kind of justice for the torture and persecution that has been forced upon me. The only reason the reds can “get away” with their crimes against me is because they control the Federal Government, the military and law enforcement agencies. A legitimate government would protect its citizens from communist attacks.
    In spite of being targeted by the reds, I’m still trying to help save the environment from man-made destruction. I have written more articles about saving the natural ecosystems and wildlife than anything else. Another major endeavor of mine is music. I have written thousands of songs and instrumental compositions, but the reds have opposed me in everything I have done.


    In 1969, I made a trip to Nashville, TN when I tried to get my material known. Several music publishers signed music contracts with me, including Dolly Parton, but nothing ever happened. When I heard imitations of my songs coming out, I cancelled all the contracts.
    I had to form my own publishing company just to get my material known. All the time I was writing songs and music, the reds were constantly mimicking and plagiarizing my material. I believe the music industry in America has long been controlled by the reds. The communists have promoted their “red pets” while suppressing many other people. I can name a number of so-called “hit songs” that I think the reds have plagiarized from my material through clandestine spying.

--Marlin O. Wallace



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