July 4, 2023

One Man's Fight Against Communism

Part 2

©2023 Marlin O. Wallace

    Communist harassment and persecution are a major part of the communist conspiracy. In this article, I want to describe how the reds targeted me with noise harassment. In Springfield, Missouri, I live next door to a large company called Dairy Farmers Of America.
    On June 4, 2023, while I was standing in front of my house, a huge explosion occurred at 3:49 AM and came from the parking lot of the dairy company. A short time later, another loud explosion occurred. I went to the company several times trying to find out what caused the explosions. I was told by the head of the “Human Resources” department that the few employees who were there at the time of the explosions denied knowing anything about it. There was an obvious “coverup” in the Dairy Farmers Of America company. I was not the only one who heard the explosions; a neighbor woman said the explosions “shook” her house.



    During this time, I was being harassed by motorcycles, loud cars and trucks near my house. For many years the reds have targeted me with excessive noise harassment. It got so bad, I could not walk across town without being harassed by the reds. I’ve got good reason to believe the explosions at the dairy company were part of the communist conspiracy targeting me.
    Psychological warfare is a very real part of the communist takeover of America. Too many American citizens have become bogged down in ineffective complacency by the brainwashing tactics of the communists. Their needs to be a new kind of organization that will protect the rights of American citizens. The law enforcement agencies have been infiltrated by the communists, and there are all kinds of communist crimes the police departments, FBI, US Marshals and Military will not investigate.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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