August 1, 2023

One Man's Fight Against Communism

Part 4

©2023 Marlin O. Wallace

    In the 1970s, the reds were torturing me with radiation attacks day and night. I was being hit with lasers right here in America while I was in my own home and everywhere I would go. There was nowhere I could escape the red attacks, and I could find no justice for the crimes being committed against me.
    The law enforcement agencies refused to investigate my charges of communist persecution and torture. All the church people I contacted just told me to “pray” away my troubles. The majority of people around me could not imagine anyone being tortured with lasers. The radiation was invisible and people could not see the source of the attacks.
    Most American citizens were completely unaware that their own government had betrayed them. The communist traitors who had gained control of America had kept the people in ignorance about laser guns and other radiation weapons.
    I was not only being tortured with radiation attacks, I was also being harassed by communist agitators on jobs where I worked. My sanity was at stake. It was obvious the reds were trying to drive me insane to destroy my credibility. Many different kinds of radiation attacks were used on me for months at a time.


    Since the 1970s, the reds have decreased the number of radiation attacks on me, but the harassment has never stopped. I am limited in my fight against the reds; all I can do is expose their crimes against me. I am out numbered and out gunned. The American people are too disorganized and brainwashed to mount any kind of defense against the reds.
    The space program has been fraudulently represented to the people by the government. There are communist satellites armed with laser guns that can penetrate ordinary buildings and kill people without leaving a trace. I know from experience what these weapons can do. If some of the lasers that were used on my brain were used on the heart, it would cause instant death.
    In reality, the communists are subversive murderers hiding behind a conspiracy. The reds have tried to intimidate and harass me by using radiation weapons to kill other life forms around me, ranging from plants to animals. The history of communism is a history of murder and genocide.

--Marlin O. Wallace



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