August 4, 2023

One Man's Fight Against Communism

Part 5

©2023 Marlin O. Wallace

    The American people have not been informed about communist satellites and radiation weapons. It is through the “space program” that the communists have been able to encircle the earth with laser guns. Millions of people are living under a communist threat from above.
    While the reds were openly promoting the space program as a project of exotic adventure in discovering new worlds, they were deceptively preparing for war by constructing satellites with extensive radar equipment. American citizens were paying for their own enslavement. The satellites allowed the reds to spy on people 24 hours a day wherever they were on the earth’s surface. If the equipment in space belonged to a democratic government there could have been some kind of control over its use, but the reds were in charge.
    Unsuspecting people were completely unprepared for what it meant to have communist satellites circling overhead. In reality, it was the final installation of a complete prison and slave state below. From the satellites the reds could easily surveil people and infringe upon their rights without any kind of notification.
    Because of communist satellites, radiation weapons and communist infiltrators in the federal government, I have been tortured with lasers for decades. I have found no justice for what the reds have put me thru. My primary goal now is just to expose the crimes of the reds.



    In order to expose the communists more thoroughly, I will reveal detailed information about some of their tactics in psychological warfare. The majority of people cannot comprehend how sadistic and methodical the reds are in carrying out crimes against targeted individuals.
    I have always been interested in natural ecosystems in nature. The reds began using radiation to kill certain plants and animals I was in the process of studying. It became obvious how far the reds would go in using modern technology to harass and frustrate an individual. One thing stood out about these communist attacks: after each killing, the remains of the targeted animals mysteriously disappeared within a day. I can only surmise that the radiation was turned up to completely vaporize the bodies and make any remains disappear.
    The reds place no value on the lives of people or animals. All the communist crimes against both people and animals should be thoroughly exposed. I have watched too many different life forms die from communist radiation attacks in my own backyard. My private space has been infringed upon by communist criminals stationed on satellites who are using radiation weapons. In reality, the crimes of the reds prove they are still subversive murderers no better than the reds who overthrew the Russian government in 1917 to become a worldwide terrorist organization.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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