September 8, 2023

One Man's Fight Against Communism

Part 6

©2023 Marlin O. Wallace

    An individual can not successfully fight a government controlled by the reds; all I can do is expose their crimes against me. The true facts I’m exposing should warn people everywhere about how barbarically sadistic and uncivilized the communists are.
    Over a period of many years, the reds have tried to drive me insane with constant harassment and torture. Apparently the communist plan has been to destroy my credibility and make people think I am mentally incompetent. This elaborate “frame job” has been a communist coverup. Obviously, the reds were not only trying to drive me into violence with harassment and torture, but they were also experimenting on me with different kinds of radiation.
    I want to dispel the notion that I am only one of a few victims of communist crimes. Most victims of the reds never know who their real enemy is. I want the communists to be known for their crimes against both humanity and nature. The best way I can get this information known is by writing about it.
    I have been involved in many subjects where the reds have intruded and interfered with any activities I was engaged in. Once, I aspired to have a music center where my music and songs could be demonstrated to the public. Out of the thousands of songs I had written, I had 20 categories of songs I thought people would like to hear. From the beginning, the reds have caused me a lot of trouble in the music business; plagiarism and favoritism have always been part of the red music racket.



    I have done a lot of research in biology and entomology. In the course of my studies, it soon became apparent that the reds were not only killing certain specimens of my collections, but they were also “vaporizing” them with radiation to make them disappear. This is pertinent information about the kinds of weapons the communists are using to commit crimes against people and nature. All of this killing was being done with invisible radiation that was coming from communist satellites. The same kinds of weapons that were used to torture my body were being used in a different way to kill living things around me.
    The majority of the American people have never learned how to fight communism. In reality, the communists are cowardly criminals hiding behind a conspiracy who will always work together as an organization. Through infiltration and deception, the reds have brainwashed millions of people. Too many American citizens have believed the lies of corrupted politicians. Concealed communists in the government have been misleading the American people for many decades.

--Marlin O. Wallace






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