October 21, 2015


To the 'Fish and Wildlife Agency' in Orange County, Florida

©2015 Marlin O. Wallace

    Stop killing innocent wild animals! Members of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Department are carrying out senseless euthanasia against wild animals. Since wild animals can be live-trapped and taken to suitable habitats away from people there is no excuse to kill them. Wild animals that attack people are not guilty of committing crimes, and they should not be treated like criminals nor should they be killed!
    There are many examples of how Florida conservation officials are mismanaging wild animals and committing crimes against nature. On October 19, 2015 James Okkerse, 62, died while snorkeling in Blue Springs State Park near Orlando, Florida. The so-called conservation officials did not know and only presumed that an alligator may have caused the man’s death. Immediately, a large alligator was shot dead. In another case, on August 15, 2015 an alligator in the Wekiva River non-fatally attacked a woman. The alligator was euthanized.


    Florida conservation agencies have needlessly slaughtered too many black bears and alligators that have been involved in attacks on people. All of these animals could have been saved easily by just taking them to new locations. Anybody who is in the water around alligators is apt to get bit. Alligators bite any potential prey, but this does not make them “serial killers”, and these animals should not be killed just for being alligators!
    Incompetent people in the conservation agencies are following a destructive protocol of unwarrantable killings of wild animals under the cloak of “euthanasia”. These are not “mercy killings”; officials are killing perfectly healthy animals, and this is the same thing as murder in the animal kingdom. These crimes against nature only prove how corrupted the conservation agencies really are. The very people who are supposed to be protecting wildlife are perpetrating these senseless killings!


--Marlin O. Wallace


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