January 9, 2022

Organizing People Against Communism

©2022 Marlin O. Wallace

    It takes an organization to successfully fight an organization. If all the people who cherish freedom would organize and fight tyranny there could be a successful revolution against the oppression of communism. Unfortunately, too many people who want the reward of freedom are not willing to fight for it. Too many Americans have allowed themselves to regress back into a state of inactive complacency. The majority of American citizens have stood idly by while the communists have taken control of their country.
    In 1788 when the U.S. Constitution was ratified, there was no communist threat in the world; no safeguards against communist infiltration were written in the Constitution. Today, the goal of the communists is to gain control of the whole world. It all started with a degenerate called Karl Marx in 1848, progressed with the Russian Revolution in 1917 and expanded in 1919 when the Communist Party USA was formed in Chicago, Illinois.
    Organizing people against communism comes by educating people. It is important for everyone to know that communism is not only an ideology, but it is also an “organization”. Everyone should be aware that the communists will go to any lengths to deceive and enslave people. All of those people who are actively engaged in what they call “socialism” are only promoting early communism.
    The proven facts about communism are bad enough, but the unknown facts are, doubtlessly, even worse. According to the number of people maimed and murdered, communism ranks as the most repressive and genocidal ideology in the history of humanity. After over 100 years of wars, torture and mass genocide, communism still has never worked, and it never will.


    The communists have waged biological warfare against the human race. The Covid-19 virus was engineered in a Wuhan lab in China. Dr. Fauci and his American comrades financed the Chinese Communists in their experimentations and production of the killer virus. The pandemic has been a major cover-up.
    There is good reason to believe the communists are interfering with weather patterns and the jet stream, causing catastrophic droughts and floods throughout the world. Conspicuously, communist nations have spent billions of dollars shooting rockets off into space, but they have done nothing to prevent climate change.
    American citizens are living under an ominous threat from above. There are communist satellites armed with laser guns that can penetrate buildings and kill people without leaving a trace. Americans have been debilitated from attacks with lasers and other radiation weapons; all of this information has been carefully concealed by the communist conspiracy.
    There is a war going on for the minds and souls of people all over the world. The communists prey on the weak and uneducated masses who are easily brainwashed and manipulated. Only by knowing the true facts about oppression and slavery will people have the fortitude and perseverance to organize and fight back in the wake of communist slavery.

--Marlin O. Wallace





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