November 9, 2021

Out of Control Loggers

©2021 Marlin O. Wallace

    In Alaska and Canada it is not the flames of forest fires that are doing the most damage to the environment - it is out of control loggers! These degenerates are practicing 17th century methods to cut down all the trees in vast regions, including along rivers. A lot of concern is being raised by the native people and environmentalists about the excessive logging. These modern-day plunderers are reminiscent of the pioneers who once ravaged the forests in the lower 48 states.
    The history of forest management in America has been filled with an incredible amount of abuse and bungling. In reality, forests have managed themselves perfectly without human interference for millions of years. Today, people are continuing to violate the laws of nature by placing trees under stress by subjecting them to unnatural conditions.
    Forest officials are practicing “burns” in forests to clear out brush and other vegetation (including small trees) so that if there is a forest fire there will be less fuel for it to burn. Instead of trying to control climate change by reducing the overheating of the earth, forest service employees are trying to change the way forests naturally maintain themselves.
    The Biden Administration is ending large-scale logging and sales of timber in America’s largest National Forest - the Tongass National Forest in Alaska. The U.S. Department of Agriculture along with the Forest Service stated they would reverse a “Trump Administration” decision last year to lift restrictions on logging and road-building in the southeast Alaska rainforest. Politicians like Trump have only exacerbated the destruction of forests and wildlife habitats.


    A 2001 rule forbids road construction and timber harvests with limited exceptions on about 1/3 of National Forest land. The Trump Administration and some Alaska political leaders have tried to exempt Tongass from these prohibitions. It is a very fragile state of affairs when it comes to politics and the environment. Incompetent leaders like Trump and certain Alaska leaders can carelessly destroy forests that took hundreds of years to grow to maturity.
    There should be a standing set of laws in every country that protects the environment perpetually regardless of which politicians are in office. At this time, the President of Brazil has ambitions that indicate he wants to cut down the Amazon Jungle; this would cause severe climate change. No leader or country should have the right to destroy the environment that the whole human race is directly and indirectly depending on.
    The Federal Government has been infiltrated by subversives who have no intention of protecting the environment, including the forests and wildlife resources. Recently, the Senate voted to pass a law that allows hunters to legally kill predators in Alaska parks and refuges; this represents a major infringement of the laws of nature.
    It is vitally important that people should allow the natural forests to exist without any interference from mankind. The forests were here first, and they should be allowed to remain in a natural state for as long as this world will last.

--Marlin O. Wallace



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