August 28, 2022

Plunderers Of The Sea

©2022 Marlin O. Wallace

    All the people who are trying to protect marine animals are facing a horrendously treacherous enemy in their own species, homo sapiens, mankind. From the shark killers of Australia to the whale killers of Japan and Norway, from the ruthless poachers of South America to the equally notorious poachers of the South Pacific, there is an uncivilized element of the human race that has no respect for the environment or life itself.
    These renegades of humanity should know better, but they make no attempts to do better. It is as though they are afflicted with an incurable form of insanity that threatens to destroy not only themselves but everything around them. It is the uncivilized portion of the human race that has wrecked so much destruction and havoc in the world. Indeed, if this dangerously radical part of humanity is not brought under control, it will destroy the world. Irresponsible people have made the human race the “jinx of evolution”.
    Regrettably and unfortunately, the uncivilized and careless destroyers in the ranks of the human race far out number the people who would respect and protect the environment. The uncivilized will bring down the most elaborate plans of all those people who are trying to protect the ecosystems of both land and sea. All of the man-made catastrophes of the world such as human overpopulation, pollution, dead zones in oceans and climate change have been caused by the same irresponsible kind of people and leadership.



    The protectors of the environment are losing the war in the fight to protect the natural ecosystems of the world. Basically, people are destroyers trying to reshape the world into their own preferred image. Incompetent world leaders have mislead the human race for thousands of years, and the consequences are all the man-made catastrophes that are occurring today.
    Life on land and in the sea is becoming ever more hazardous for both man and beast. Obstinate and unrepenting people will not agree to protect the environment. Plunderers of the sea are representative of the most vile and degenerate part of the human race, and repercussions of their crimes against nature extends to every sphere of life on this planet.


--Marlin O. Wallace







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