January 23, 2021


©2021 Marlin O. Wallace

      For thousands of years, the human race has been systematically poisoning the earth by extracting detrimental materials that are buried deep underground. Most people know that asbestos and uranium are dangerous materials, but the majority of people disregard the inhibiting qualities of all the other materials that are being mined from the earth. People have mixed different elements of the earth to produce gunpowder, bombs and other weapons of war.
      There are dire long-term consequences of dragging up long buried components of the earth. Fossil fuels are poisoning the atmosphere, creating greenhouse gases that are causing the earth to overheat. The metals, plastics, asphalt and numerous combinations of buried materials used in the construction of human habitations, are creating a sterile desert kind of environment on the earth’s surface. Cities, parking lots and highways have become "dead zones" in the earth’s crust inhibiting and smothering out all kinds of plant and animal life.
      Before the arrival of the human race, the earth was a planet teaming with an abundance of plant and animal life that had evolved in the pristine atmosphere, clean waters and virgin land. People have radically upset the balance of nature. Ever since the Industrial Revolution in 1750, the poisoning of the earth has become catastrophically worse.


      What has been called "human progress" is, in reality, world destruction. It has been a kind of catastrophic trade-off when people believe they can create a better kind of life by disregarding the laws of nature. If world leaders had any kind of foresight and wisdom, they would study the natural ecosystems in nature and apply the same rules of nature to manage and control the human race. It’s obvious the human race has been out of control for too long.
      When implementing the laws of nature to control the implosive unpredictability of human nature, it is well to remember the basic and simple natural laws. To have a well-balanced ecosystem in the world, the scourge of human over-population must be eliminated. Any animal can over-populate and deplete the resources of its environment, and this includes people. Birth control should be a top priority in all countries. The human race is destroying its own environment by systematically poisoning the earth with man-made pollution.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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