August 6, 2015


©2015 Marlin O. Wallace

    The population bomb keeps right on ticking away despite all the attempts to defuse it! The seeds of destruction are being sowed 24 hours a day all around the world. As more and more people are being born into this already overpopulated planet, there will be dire consequences to reckon with. The world will not obligingly accommodate the billions and billions of people who are predicted to be here in the near future.
    Scientists are scrambling to find ways to save people from poverty and disease, but they can’t save people from each other. Directly or indirectly, every person represents another threat to the environment, and when this is multiplied billions of times over, the results are catastrophic. The final prognosis of the population bomb will be worldwide mass destruction. There will be continued annihilation of the environment, pollution, climate change, pestilence and great human suffering and sacrifice.
    With the current world population estimated to be 7,259,891,370 and the projected world population to be 9 billion by 2040, there is great concern for the near future. Some nine countries are expected to account for half of the world’s projected population increase; India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bangladesh, Uganda, United States, Ethiopia and China.
    The demands of an overpopulated world are staggering. In spite of all the handouts and other goodwill gestures, there will be continued starvation. Mankind has upset the balance of nature and built his numbers up at the expense of the natural environment. Advances in science have made it possible to eliminate many of the age-old scourges that once helped to keep human populations in check, but an overabundance of people is depleting the earth’s resources.



    At some point along the way, it appears that human intelligence was somehow turned into a curse. For every problem people have solved, they’ve created a lot more new problems. Today, the runaway population of the world is composed of billions of people who are destroying the environment at an ever-increasing rate.
    Because of conflicting views, governments of the world can never agree on what to do about the population bomb. Different kinds of birth control have been tried in China and the United States, but not enough people have participated.
Ecologically, man is his own worst enemy. He pollutes his environment and is at conflict with his own kind. Whether or not man can be saved from himself remains to be seen. The seeds of destruction are being sowed, and the world is bracing for an all-out war.
    When all those new people get here, it won’t be one big happy family. There will be offshoots of every kind of religion in the world plus atheism. There will be a lot of kicking and shoving going on along with sucker punching. The newcomers will be as cantankerous and despicable as people anywhere, and the whole world will be a whole lot crazier, chaotic and dangerous.
    The population bomb is for real, and it is time people recognized it for what it is. Burying your head in the sand won’t make it go away, and making excuses and justifications for it won’t change anything. The encroachment and devastation of too many people on earth will only get a lot worse.


--Marlin O. Wallace



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