September 20, 2020
Betrayal by President Trump

©2020 Marlin O. Wallace

    Trump has made horrendous mistakes in his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. There should have been a “national” shutdown where there was a comprehensive plan to control the virus. The president should have been in charge, but he left everything up to state governors. There was a patchwork of conflicting opinions where the virus continued to spread out of control.
     Judging from the evidence, it appears that Trump’s mistakes were deliberately made to make the pandemic worse. He opened up America too fast and mandated that the schools be opened. Trump disregarded all the advice from doctors and scientists and caused the death of many thousands of people.
     Trump calls himself an “environmentalist”, but his actions tell a different story. When America was being ravaged by floods and fires, Trump walked out on the international climate change committee. Under the Trump administration, government agencies continue to waste money on the space program when they should be protecting the environment.





    There is a lot of confusion about Trump’s real identity. He proclaims to love America but is soft on Russia and has been called Putin’s little puppet. He has exonerated known convicted criminals when it suited his fancy. He calls Russia’s meddling in American elections a “hoax”, disputing the known facts. There appears to be a lot of discrepancy in what Trump says and what he does. It is obvious the communists often promote certain republicans and democrats in elections, and it is up to American citizens to recognize the true values of candidates.
     For the sake of preserving God’s green earth, American citizens should vote for candidates who will be competent guardians of the environment. Certain religious people, including the Jim Bakker clan, believe Trump is “divine” and that God has raised him up to command. Everything considered, it would seem more logical to believe Trump was raised up by the communist party rather than by God.
     Under the Trump Administration, people are revolting in the streets; there are catastrophic floods and fires occurring from climate change. A lot is wrong with America, and it comes from lack of leadership. Conditions will get a lot worse, and it will take more than time alone to heal all the wounds.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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