September 12, 2017


©2017 Marlin O. Wallace

    All kinds of wild animals are facing extinction from loss of habitats because of human overpopulation. The most effective and sensible way to restore wildlife habitats is for people to drastically reduce their population through birth control. It will take enforced birth control laws to ever bring the human population down to an acceptable level.
    Civilization has spread around the world leaving only islands of wilderness habitats that are rapidly shrinking; these bits and pieces of wilderness are nothing like the original wildlife habitats. The devastation of wilderness by civilization could be stopped if people would simply take the responsibility for their crimes against nature and take immediate and positive steps to correct their mistakes.
    There are many dedicated people who are working to save wild animals from extinction, but much more is needed from the human race. What wild animals need more than anything else is space and habitats; they need a place of their own away from the unfair competition of people who are using up and defiling the land and water of the world.
    All the catastrophic conditions caused by human overpopulation are happening at an accelerating rate. There is no escape from the world-wide pollution, climate change, poisoning of the oceans and other destructive consequences brought on by “too many” people in the world.



    World leaders, politicians and clergymen are misleading people with distorted values and beliefs. A lot of young people are not being taught to respect nature and to protect the environment. A lot of money is being wasted on religious ceremonies that should be spent on saving the world from human devastation.
    The human race can choose to live in a pristine and healthy environment, or it can disintegrate in a polluted and dying world. The first requirement in recovery is for people to understand and acknowledge the destructive nature of mankind. People are unequivocally bad for the environment, and human overpopulation should never be allowed to contaminate and decimate the world.
    The different forms of life that have evolved on this planet should be protected for future generations of people, who hopefully, will be more in tune with nature than people in the world today. Natural wildlife habitats should be established in every country and every state. Human overpopulation should be forever eliminated to make room for all the other life forms on this planet.

--Marlin O. Wallace





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