September 9, 2015


©2015 Marlin O. Wallace

     He is ruthless and blood thirsty and has no remorse about his crimes against nature. He puts on a front of respectability and practices a lot of acceptable etiquette when he is away from his bow and arrows. In reality, he is a cold-blooded killer who has no respect or appreciation for nature and living animals. He is a taker not a giver, and he has taken the lives of all kinds of wild animals all over the world. Walter Palmer is among the worst of the worst. He is a serial killer of wild animals and a trophy hunter. He has a lot of innocent blood on his hands that he can’t wash away.
     On July 1, 2015, Walter Palmer killed Cecil the lion after wounding the big cat some forty hours earlier with an arrow. Cecil was forced to die slowly in great suffering and pain until finally, Palmer and his helpers tracked him down and finished him off. Cecil's body was skinned, and his head was cut off; he became just another trophy in Walter Palmer's collection of senseless killings. Cecil was supposed to be protected, and he even wore a GPS collar. Yet he was lured out of the Hwange National Park, his home, and killed.
     It was reported that Walter Palmer paid Theo Bronkhorst, a professional hunter and guide, $50,000 to enable him to kill a lion. It was also reported the landowner, Honest Ndlovu, on whose property Cecil was lured and killed, was a accomplice in the crime. Apparently, the two accomplices were going to take the fall for Palmer, but no justice has yet been served. In his deceptive maneuver, Walter Palmer was enticing impoverished people who were selling Africa’s native wild animals short for big bucks!
     There is plenty of guilt to go around in a lot of different people in this crime. The country of Zimbabwe is guilty of conspiring to cash in its wild animals to the highest bidder. Hunting brings in a lot of money every year, and trophy hunting is permitted all year round in Zimbabwe. A web search will tell you how much you can expect to spend on killing a hyena, a warthog, a giraffe, an elephant or a lion.
     With this kind of corruption emanating from impoverished people, the rich trophy hunters, usually white men, coming from both African and foreign countries, take full advantage of the situation and cash in on the bounty.



There are a lot of traitors in the ranks of the conservationists who do not speak out against trophy hunters because they think the country has to make money from hunting. The big and very real scourge in Africa is the “overpopulation” of people.
     Walter Palmer is a proven liar. He was once charged with killing a black bear 40 miles from where the bear-hunting permit he had would be valid. He offered to pay about $20,000 for his hunting party to lie about the circumstances. At that time, he was given a $2,938 fine and a year of probation.
     There are too many Walter Palmers in the world. The people who are obsessed with guns and other weapons, the people who are following the traditions of “overkill” and people who have no respect for other life forms have tarnished the whole human race. The killing of wild animals for sport and trophy hunting should be outlawed forever in all parts of the world.
     The only way to stop the slaughter of wild animals by hunters is to set up preserves that are fenced to keep the animals in and the people out. Too many people in Africa have betrayed wild animals by selling them to trophy hunters. If these animals were relocated around competent people in another part of the world, they would probably be managed a lot better.
     Today, Walter Palmer is trying to start up his dental business again, and he probably hopes that people will have a short memory. He says he’s done nothing wrong, but killing wild animals for trophies has always been wrong. He has paid big bucks just to kill wild animals all over the world and has contributed a lot of aid to the corrupted sports industry.
     With the killing of Cecil the lion, the world has awakened to the stark reality of knowing that there are ruthless killers who will stop at nothing to slaughter wild animals just for trophies. This lion had a name and a reputation and was respected by all who knew him, but how many other innocent wild animals are being slaughtered the same way? Are we not all accountable for allowing these exterminators of wildlife to even be in our midst?



--Marlin O. Wallace


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