June 15, 2017


©2017 Marlin O. Wallace

    The Australian government and its fisheries ministry are committing heinous crimes against nature by unnecessarily killing sharks. There are always sensible options in protecting both sharks and people, but the so-called authorities are blindsided. The government and the fisheries ministry have the ability and means to create safe swimming and surfing places for people by constructing “barriers” enclosing shore waters that keep sharks and people apart. Sharks live only in the sea and have nowhere else to go. It’s the people who are the trespassers and invaders in the shark’s world! There is no legitimate excuse for this wholesale slaughter of sharks!
    It’s a common sight in Australia to see a so-called “hired out” fisherman, reel in a shark and shoot it with a rifle, only to kick its lifeless body back into the sea. Huge numbers of tiger sharks are being unnecessarily killed by these barbaric hired out fishermen, and what makes it even more appalling is the fact that the government of Australia has made it a “policy of state”!
    Self-centered people who only think of using the oceans for their own recreational purposes and for a dumping ground for their garbage and trash, are in for a rude awakening; they are destroying the world at an ever-increasing rate. The corrupted sports industry has glamorized everything from surfing to over-fishing and overkill in exploiting all kinds of marine animals.


    It’s time for a lot of people to acknowledge that the world doesn’t revolve around them, and their fun in the sun should never infringe upon the rights of the creatures of the sea. Too many people have the false notion that somehow, they are privileged characters who can plunder the earth with impunity.     People don’t have to swim or perform any kinds of recreational pursuits in shark infested waters; they can create their own safe places for swimmers and water sports by installing barriers that keep sharks and people apart.
    How much senseless killing is it going to take to convince the so-called authorities in Australia that killing sharks is a bad policy in every respect? Why can’t their blood lust be satisfied in a way where innocent animals don’t have to suffer and die?
    The people behind the shark killing policy have elected to represent themselves as some kind of guardians and avengers for all humanity. It so happens, that a growing number of people around the world are taking the shark’s side. People should know better and are held accountable; sharks know no better and are not guilty of committing crimes.
    Civilized people recognize and respect the rights of other animals. These shark killers are uncivilized savages who are representative of the most sadistic and cowardly degenerates of the human race! It’s time to stop the shark killers once and for all!

--Marlin O. Wallace


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