July 9, 2019

Saving Elephants and Rhinos

©2019 Marlin O. Wallace

    The statistics tell a gruesome story of barbaric poachers decimating whole herds of elephants and rhinos in Africa. All of this unnecessary killing is being done just for ivory and horns that are absolutely useless except to the animals. The great majority of criminals who are responsible for this animal slaughter are the Oriental poaching cartels and their African cohorts.
    Too many African countries are selling their wildlife to the highest bidder, and animals can’t be safe in their native habitats. At this time, the only bidders are ivory dealers, horn collectors and trophy hunters. It is obvious that drastic measures are needed to stop the senseless and needless killings.




    A simple plan of relocating animals could save thousands of elephants and rhinos. Wildlife workers could pool their resources and “outbid” the poachers, beating them at their own game. Paying money to save animals instead of killing them, could turn this pathetic tragedy around. Poaching cartels regularly pay impoverished Africans for body parts of dead animals. If wildlife workers would outbid the poachers and buy living breathing animals from the Africans, they could then ship the animals to safe preserves a long way from the poachers.
    It’s possible for herds of endangered elephants and rhinos to be relocated to safe habitats, bought and paid for by conscientious people who care about animals that are being carelessly and unnecessarily slaughtered. It’s a matter of outbidding the poachers and giving the animals a second chance.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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