January 14, 2020

Saving Humanity From Itself

©2020 Marlin O. Wallace

    The worst enemy of the human race is itself. People have fought numerous wars and are in constant conflict with each other. Hypothetically, a plan could be worked out where people could live in harmony with each other and nature. This plan would require people to implement strict laws to protect the environment.
    Theoretically, if people understood what was at risk, they would be willing to give up their addictions to the conveniences of civilization and stop interfering with the laws of nature. People all over the world are being pressurized by catastrophic events to act now in saving this planet.
    The world is in crisis because of the human race. While incompetent world leaders stockpile weapons and mislead people with lies and unfulfilled promises, every crisis in the world is growing worse. Scientists regularly warn people about the impending doomsday prophecy of utter destruction, yet nothing is being done about it. Human overpopulation, worldwide pollution, poisoning of the oceans and climate change are not going away. The human race will be forced to de-escalate all of its so-called advances in civilization and revert back to nature, which is the only escape from the man-made hell that’s being created here on earth.
    It would take many generations of people working together to stop the continuing man-made destruction of the world. All nations would need to cooperate in any kind of plan to save the environment. It could take 400 years or more to restore the ecosystems in nature, reduce the human overpopulation through birth control and clean up the pollution damage caused by people. Any plan to save the world should include these laws:



1. Stopping the production of weapons of war.

2. Drastically reducing the human population of the world through strict birth control.

3. Stopping the use of fossil fuels.

4. Stopping the defiling of the planet with expanding cities, highways and other constructions. Junking millions of vehicles.

5. Outlawing the space program and the use and production of airplanes and drones.

6. Only developing and using inventions that are not detrimental to the environment.

7. Outlawing plastics and other materials that are destructive to the environment.

8. Strict gun control laws to stop the excessive and unnecessary use of firearms.

    These laws may seem farfetched to many people, but their implementation would be far less intrusive and destructive than the things they are against. The logical conclusion is, if people can’t save the environment, they can’t save themselves. The truth is, all the politics, false religions, man-made inventions and weapons of war can’t save humanity from itself.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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