August 15, 2017


©2017 Marlin O. Wallace

    There are over seven billion people in the world right now, and that’s billions of people too many. This excessive human population will keep multiplying and doubling repeatedly in the near future; the environment will not be able to sustain that many people. The biggest and worst crisis of the world is the result of “too many people”; that’s why there’s uncontrollable pollution, climate change, famine, death zones in the oceans and many other catastrophic events occurring.
    World leaders have their heads in the sand when it comes to coping with human overpopulation. In fact, politicians simply ignore the scourge of the population bomb. Apathetic people all around the world are doing absolutely nothing to address the growing crisis of human overpopulation. Many clergymen are misleading people by opposing birth control and broadcasting distorted information.
    In a healthy environment, there must be a well-balanced ecosystem with many kinds of life forms. Human overpopulation is causing the extinction of too many plants and animals. The earth is rapidly becoming a barren world where people are forcing their artificial world of civilization upon the natural environment.
    It has been stated that “man is on his way back to the jungle; while his machines are getting better, he is getting weaker”. The truth is, it’s a lot worse than that! If people keep destroying the environment, there won’t be a jungle to go back to!
    When any animal becomes overpopulated there are always forces of nature that controls their numbers. People have tried to eliminate the controlling forces of nature that formerly kept human populations in check. Because of the innovations of science, human populations have skyrocketed around the world.
    Saving the world from hordes of people who are destroying it 24 hours a day will require a special kind of wisdom. The solution seems simple, but because of human nature it is complicated. The only logical way to control human overpopulation is through enforced birth control. The term “enforced birth control” is used because it’s going to take the force of stringent laws to make people diligently practice birth control.


    Many people may think their freedom of choice would be compromised by enforced birth control laws, but in reality, human overpopulation is everybody’s problem. Every baby born is another threat to the environment, and when millions and billions of people are added to the earth’s population, it is catastrophically damaging to the environment. At this perilous time in history, people should not have the right to continue burdening the world with undesirable offspring that only escalates the deadly manifestations of human overpopulation.
    In reality, and from all the proven facts, people are detrimental to the earth; they are bad for the planet in every way. If unchecked, the population bomb will implode upon itself, causing great numbers of people to perish in squalid crowded conditions; at best, people will die in misery and hopelessness in a polluted world that is unfit for man or beast.
    Human overpopulation drastically destroys the quality of life for everybody. The air gets unfit to breathe, and the water gets unfit to drink. People are forced together in filthy living conditions, and there is no escape. The world becomes a human garbage dump and the spectacle of death hangs precariously over the inhabitants who live their impoverished lives in misery. This is already happening.
    The population bomb is here and now. The world is being abused and used up 24 hours a day by careless apathetic people who don’t care about anything except their own selfish pursuits. Human overpopulation is happening around the world, including far-flung places like Indonesia, South America and Africa. Saving the world means stopping human overpopulation through enforced birth control – it’s the only logical method that will work!

--Marlin O. Wallace






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