August 29, 2019

Senseless Bear Killing in Colorado

©2019 Marlin O. Wallace

    On August 26th, 2019, about 45 miles southwest of Denver, a mother black bear with her cub entered a house through an opening in a screen door. The people living in the house, Jon Johnson and his wife George Field were attacked by the mother bear when she tried to protect her cub. The woman in the house hit the mother bear with a ball bat, and the bears fled from the house. This should have been the end of the story, but the worst was yet to come.
    The so-called Parks and Wildlife Agency quickly stepped in and euthanized the mother bear. Euthanasia is the same thing as animal murder. This is an example of the antiquated and outdated laws of this country in dealing with wild animals. Euthanizing the mother bear was a crime against nature. Killing every animal that attacks a human is following a protocol of unwarranted “overkill”. In this case, the mother bear was only trying to protect her cub, and there were no serious injuries in the attack.
    There are a lot of extenuating circumstances in this case that should be brought out into the open. For example, why were the bears there in the first place? The people there had failed to prevent the bears from entering their house; obviously, they knew bears were in the vicinity. Even more importantly, the state of Colorado, with all its bureaucracy of wildlife mismanagement, has failed miserably in providing “safe preserves” for wildlife, and wild animals have no place to go.


    Huge sums of money have been squandered in the construction of buildings by religious organizations in Colorado, but little or no money has been spent improving the environment for wildlife. This kind of hypocrisy is unacceptable to anyone who truly respects nature.
    All the laws regarding wildlife in this country are archaic and outdated. These antiquated laws are based on the misconception that people are more “divine” and have more “godly” privileges than other animals. False religions have corrupted the whole judicial system of the United States, and there is no justice for wild animals. This country was founded by religious fanatics who never learned to respect the laws of nature. Conservation agents and law officers habitually kill wild animals that are involved in confrontations with people, and there is no effort to rehabilitate or relocate animals.
    Historically, legislators have been imbued with the false teachings of religions that have overemphasized the importance of the human race, and they have written laws that have never recognized wild animal rights. The euthanasia of the mother bear in Colorado by the so-called authorities was a senseless killing and a crime against nature.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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