December 31, 2021

Senseless Killing of a Tiger

©2021 Marlin O. Wallace

    Some zoos are like prisons. Wild animals are locked away and far removed from their natural habitats. Most people think that zoo animals should be safe from people who want to kill them, but there are too many incompetent and sadistic people who needlessly kill zoo animals.
    On December 29, 2021, a trigger-happy deputy sheriff shot and killed an endangered species of tiger at the zoo in Naples, Florida. A recklessly immature zoo employee had deliberately provoked the tiger by sticking his arm into the tiger’s cage, causing it to bite him. This was not a life and death emergency; the tiger was safely behind bars and could not have killed the unruly zoo employee with all the people around trying to free his arm. There positively was no way the deputy was “forced” to shoot the tiger.
    For a very short time, the deputy tried to make the tiger release the zoo employee’s arm; then the deputy shot the tiger. There was no attempt to tranquilize the tiger or to do anything else to save it. The deputy made a bad decision that the arm of the unruly zoo employee was more important than the tiger’s life. The zoo was at fault for not having tranquilizers ready for any possible animal confrontations.
    All the mistakes that were made by the trouble making zoo employee, the deputy and the zoo cannot be overlooked. The worst mistake is when the deputy shot the tiger. The zoo employee got some of what he deserved, but the tiger did not deserve to be shot by the deputy.
    The scenario of so-called law enforcement authorities and armed zookeepers needlessly killing animals has been going on too long. A lot more should be done to prevent these types of atrocities from ever happening.



    There are many examples of unnecessary killings of zoo animals. On May 21, 2016, a deranged man entered a lion’s den in the Santiago Metropolitan Zoo in Chile, South America, trying to commit suicide. An incompetent armed zookeeper shot two endangered lions to death, trying to save the degenerate who was clearly provoking the lions.
    On May 28, 2016, in the Cincinnati Zoo, Ohio, an endangered gorilla was shot and killed by an armed zookeeper. The gorilla had done nothing wrong; a disorderly boy had entered the enclosure where the gorilla was. The gorilla did not attack the boy.
    Wildlife laws have been tainted by false religious beliefs. Distorted values and abuse of animals goes back to the Old Testament times in the Bible when animals like goats and lambs were sacrificed in offerings to God. Religious fanatics have taught and preached sermons that only mankind is divine and that all other animals are only on earth to be of service to mankind. The laws of nature, which are God’s laws, are in strong opposition to the teachings of most religions.
    The legislators of wildlife laws have been imbued with the detrimental influence of false religious beliefs. The deputy who shot the tiger was operating under antiquated laws that exaggerate the worth of people and belittle the worth of animals. Under these laws there is no justice for wild animals.
    The oath of law that police recruits take should be to protect all life forms from needless injury and death. The only thing that makes mankind civilized is its humane treatment of other life forms. The Constitution of the United States has no provisions for protecting the environment and its resources, does not recognize animal rights and is only about human relationships. Under the antiquated wildlife laws of America there is no justice for wild animals.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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