January 25, 2024


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    New and “Permanent” laws are needed to protect the environment; these laws should be out of the reach of all presidents. Bad decisions of reckless political leaders are causing untold damage to ecosystems around the world. When Donald Trump was president, he carelessly allowed the cutting of old growth forests and permitted river watersheds to be damaged. At this time, Trump is running for the presidency again and has blatantly threatened to dig many more oil wells that would pollute the atmosphere and contribute to climate change.
    In South America, Jair Bolsonaro, who was President of Brazil from 2019 until 2022, was promoting the destruction of the Amazon Jungle. Bolsonaro was completely disregarding the penalties of his crimes against nature, which indirectly threatened the welfare of all other life forms on earth. The human race is out of control because of faulty leadership. The more people can be educated to protect the environment, the safer the world is going to be.
    Much more of the earth’s surface should be permanently protected for all future generations of life on this planet. As it is now, there are national parks and preserves, but these places do not cover much ground compared to the rest of the world. In reality, the human race is crowding other forms of life off of the planet. The tragedy of this phenomenon is reflected in all the past endeavors of humanity. The question remains, are future generations of people going to hate the present generation for its out of control destruction of the earth? This perpetuation of hate has already occurred before all around the world. Today, billions of people have the lowest kind of esteem for past generations who devastated the environment.


    Only through education will the human race stop its destruction of the natural resources of the world. The pioneers who settled in America were notorious for their careless killing of wildlife. The values of these people were demonstrated in their crimes against nature. Many people today may well wonder how an animal murderer like “Buffalo Bill” could be called a “hero”. He carelessly killed over 4,000 buffalo. At that time, the majority of people were disillusioned by the false concepts of religious values and condoned the needless mass killing of animals.
    New and “Permanent” environmental laws are urgently needed to stop the destruction of the natural ecosystems by corrupted political leaders. Presidents should never have the right to commit crimes against nature that will infringe upon everybody’s right to know the natural environment. Corrupted politicians are depriving future generations of a world that could be much more inhabitable.

--Marlin O. Wallace








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