November 16, 2018

Stopping Iceland’s Slaughter of Whales

©2018 Marlin O. Wallace

    His name is Kristjan Loftsson, and he is the head of the one whaling company in Iceland. This seventy-five-year-old whaler is blatantly disregarding the international ban on whales; he is killing whales mostly to satisfy his inflated ego and sadistic greed. Loftsson is reported to be one of the richest people in Iceland; he got his start when his father died and left him the company.
    The whales that Loftsson is killing come from a lot of places besides from around Iceland. Whales migrate and cover a lot of territory. In reality, Loftsson is killing whales that should have always been protected.
    Iceland and Norway are the only nations that are in violation of the international whaling commission’s ban on whaling. These rogue nations should be penalized for their violations and forced to comply with the ban on whales; a ban that is not enforced is not serving its purpose. The majority of the people in the world have already agreed that the ban on whales should be enforced.
    The fact that Kristjan Loftsson killed a “fin-blue-hybrid” whale is plenty of reason to shut his whaling operation down. The “convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora” expressly forbids the practice of killing fin-blue-hybrid whales, and this overrules the false claim of Iceland that it is legal to kill these whales. For the good of both people and whales, the international whale ban should be enforced around the world.



   The people who are buying whale meat must be held accountable for keeping a degenerate like Kristjan Loftsson in business. Japan is the biggest customer of whale meat; one thousand five hundred tons of whale meat was shipped to this nation in one day! Japan has been accused of many offensive crimes regarding marine life, including killing sharks and porpoises along with dumping discarded fishing nets in the oceans.
    Does anybody need to be reminded of the barbaric history of whaling? From its very beginning, whaling has been an “overkill” operation with brutally torturous methods. Since the 1850s, the human race has become a little more civilized, and most people want to save the whales.
    Here and now, there are still sadistic degenerates like Kristjan Loftsson who are participants in the gruesome slaughter of whales. Loftsson’s harpoons are equipped with explosive tips that literally “blow up” inside the whales, and Loftsson admits that it sometimes takes more than one “charge” to bring down a whale.
    Stopping Iceland’s slaughter of whales is an urgent necessity. A natural ecosystem is being carelessly destroyed by people who have no respect for the environment and are only trying to cash in nature for money. Kristjan Loftsson and his kind should be permanently stopped by the International Whaling Commission’s ban on whaling.

--Marlin O. Wallace



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