September 11, 2019

Stopping the Killers of Alligators

©2019 Marlin O. Wallace

    Alligators are original American animals that have suffered unimaginable abuse, torture and death at the hands of barbaric assassins. The alligator killers are sadistic cowards who hide behind their guns and other weapons; they are also hiding behind the law (the federal government, conservation departments and law enforcement agencies have all failed to protect alligators from the atrocities that are being forced upon them).
    The alligator killers can be renegade kids or adults who have never become mature, but they all have an uncontrollable urge to kill. Sometimes they strike at night with bright lights to blind the alligators so that they can be more easily killed. All kinds of despicable crimes against alligators are being allowed to take place here in America.
    There are “fishing parties” where degenerates use bow and arrows to harpoon undersized alligators before dragging them to a boat or shore with ropes. If the alligators are not already dead from the harpooning, the degenerates often kill them by hitting them in the head with a steel bar.
    People who kill animals for sport and trophies have the same kind of uncivilized mentality as the savages who once collected human skulls for trophies. These bloodthirsty killers often have some kind of “hero image” of themselves and think they are some kind of “conquerors”, but they are cowardly animal murderers who should be held accountable for their crimes against nature.
    From the status of being ranked an apex predator, alligators have been belittled and put down repeatedly by the human race. In many places, alligators are raised like chickens to be sold to the highest bidders. Treating wild animals like domestic animals should have been outlawed a long time ago. Too many unscrupulous landlords have turned their properties into “shooting galleries”, charging hunters money for killing animals there.
    The faulty laws and judgements of the federal government and conservation departments were thoroughly exposed when they took alligators off of the “Endangered Animals List” in 1987. At that time, people were allowed to commit all kinds of atrocious crimes against alligators. There was no respect or considerations afforded alligators by the so-called authorities. Anyone can check out all the faulty hunting companies, guides and discrepant landowners and find out about the abuse of alligators.


    Rules and regulations regarding wildlife in America are deceptive and misleading. The law specifies that wildlife belongs to all the people, but in actual practice, governmental agencies own wildlife and control how wildlife is managed; these agencies get to pick and choose who gets to break the rules and exploit wildlife as they please. Too many farmers are raising wildlife like domestic cattle to be sold commercially. Alligators certainly deserve to remain wild and free away from human enslavement.
    Civilized people don’t kill alligators and other wild animals for sport and trophies. The corrupted hunters’ industry is brainwashing a lot of people into believing killing animals for sport is some kind of “recreational” thing in the out-of-doors. Far too many guns, crossbows, bows and arrows and other deadly weapons are being sold just to be used in the needless slaughter of animals. Training young people to kill for sport is a dangerous practice that can lead to all kinds of other crimes. When people have no respect for living things their bloodlust is insatiable, and they will continue to kill needlessly.
    It seems mindboggling to know how far some people will go to needlessly kill an animal. Recently, five hunters and a guide in Georgia captured a large alligator in lake Eufaula. Derrick Snelson killed the alligator by shooting it in the head with a .40 caliber glock gun. Snelson was flanked by “professional hunters” from “Lethal Guide Services” along with owner Darrel Brown and deckhand John Tramwell. It took five hours for all these hunters to locate and kill one alligator. These people were dead set on tracking down and killing an innocent primitive animal that only wanted to be left alone.
    The archaic wildlife laws of America must be changed to stop the unjustifiable crimes that are being committed against alligators and other wild animals. The majority of people in America don’t want to see sadistic degenerates maiming and needlessly killing wild animals; this kind of killing is a heinous crime against nature.



--Marlin O. Wallace


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