May 21, 2016


©2016 Marlin O. Wallace

    Every time there is a wild animal attack involving people, there is a quick response by the police or conservation departments; usually, the wild animal is “euthanized” or shot. This quick judgment to kill the animal and blame it for the attack, violates all of the civilized codes of justice.
    Instead of treating wild animals like serial killers, it is time to treat them with the respect they deserve. People know better, but animals don’t know any better. In a court of law, when people are charged with crimes, there is such a thing as an “insanity plea” where a convicted criminal is judged not guilty because of an inability to know right from wrong. Animals do not know right from wrong and should never be judged guilty by people.
    Obviously, the government, police and conservation departments have not taken any action to prevent the unnecessary killing of wild animals. Live trapping wayward wild animals and re-locating them in fenced-in preserves away from people could easily eliminate the protocol of overkill. The excuse that wild animals will attack people again after they attack one person is not enough reason to kill them; the animals can be re-located.
    It is an “eye-for-an-eye” kind of philosophy that has contaminated police departments and conservation agencies in their dealing with wild animals. These so-called officials are treating wild animals like criminals where there is no justice.


A program of “euthanasia” is going on in the law enforcement and conservation departments where a “needle full of poison” is called “mercy killing”, but it is the same as murder in the animal kingdom. The so-called authorities are performing this crime against wild animals far too often. The unwarranted killing of wild animals will continue until the antiquated laws are changed and preventative action is taken.
    Conservation agencies are making big mistakes by crowding people and wild animals together. These agencies have tried to bring back populations of deer, elk, black bears and other animals only to appease hunters; they are creating “killing fields” when they should be creating preserves where wild animals can be saved and not killed.
    There are people who are genuinely dedicated to saving animals, but often they seem to have a restrictive kind of “tunnel vision” where they are not taking enough action against the destroyers of wildlife like poachers and hunters. More people should become involved in protecting wildlife.
    Its high time American citizens took positive action to stop the senseless killing of wild animals by the police and conservation agencies. These so-called authorities are following a protocol of overkill and are only too eager to use euthanizing poisons and deadly firearms to kill innocent wild animals. Far too often, the very people who are being paid to protect wildlife are committing unnecessary and senseless killings of wild animals.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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