March 24, 2018


©2018 Marlin O. Wallace

    There are all kinds of trophy contests, including alligator trophy contests in Arkansas, catfish noodling trophy contests in Oklahoma and black bear trophy contests in New Jersey, but all are detrimental and abusive enterprises that ruthlessly exploit wild animals.
    Money for the trophy contests comes from organizations or the participants in the contests. People are paid to kill prized animals. It’s a lot like placing a “bounty” on animals. Many people wouldn’t be in the business of killing if it weren’t for the rewards. These competitions are sending the wrong message, and it’s all about sadistic, self-centered people who only want to assuage their blood lust.
    One trophy hunter is bad enough, but a bunch of trophy hunters are a lot worse. The participants in the competitions attract other people to join in, and a lot of animals are needlessly killed by people trying to get a trophy. The jovial comradery of trophy hunters reveals their lack of concern for the animals they are slaughtering.




    Many people underestimate the destructive consequences of trophy contests. Even fishing trophy contests are abusive and detrimental. The “catfish noodling trophy contests”, which are common in Oklahoma and the south, are barbaric and despicable. The participants in these contests call it sport when they “manhandle” catfish without weapons. Catfish are dragged from their lairs gasping for air and are only trying to escape. These confrontations only prove how uncivilized the noodlers are. The sadistic and cowardly crimes committed by nooldlers certainly does not make them eligible for any kind of rewards.
    Stopping trophy contests is a major goal in the fight for wild animal rights. Competitions in the slaughter of animals exists only because of degenerate people. Rewards should never be handed out to anyone who commits crimes against nature. It is up to the people who are trying to protect animals to stop the lowlife people who are needlessly slaughtering animals.

--Marlin O. Wallace





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