March 11, 2022

Ukraine Coverup

©2022 Marlin O. Wallace

    The government of the United States is not providing the Ukrainian people with the hardware and man power they need to fight off the murdering Russian aggressors. America has always stood for freedom, but this government is now betraying people who are in dire need. The Biden Administration has not taken appropriate action to stop the devastation and bloodshed in Ukraine.
    There is good reason to believe a diabolical communist conspiracy is involved in the coverup in Ukraine. People are being needlessly maimed and killed while the American Government refuses to intervene in the war. The west is providing the Ukrainian people with everything except what they need the most. All the sanctions, prayers and gestures of goodwill are failing to stop the unwarranted devastation and genocide.
    Government officials are refusing to participate in the Ukrainian war by using the excuse that it might widen the war. Biden and other politicians are allowing the communists to completely devastate and enslave a sovereign independent country. There are plenty of reasons to believe that communists here in America are to blame for withholding the kind of help Ukrainians need to successfully fight off the Russians.


    Just because the communists threaten nuclear war is no excuse to allow them to take over the world. Throughout history, people have always had to fight for freedom. It is only after the Communist Party USA was started in Chicago, Illinois in 1919 that Americans began to weaken and falter in the interpretation and defense of true freedom. The communist takeover is an inside job.
    All Americans will have to pay the price of allowing communist aggression to enslave the world. The communists are not going to stop with Ukraine; communism is a growing threat to all humanity. People who value freedom are going to have to organize against communism or they will live their lives in slavery.

--Marlin O. Wallace





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