February 24, 2018


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    Spiritualism has been the source of a lot of confusion for the human race. The interpretations of right and wrong are contrastingly different between the laws of nature, which are God’s laws, and the man-made laws of church people. Imaginative and emotional story tellers have created a lot of false information about God and the spiritual world.
    The closest thing to God is nature – and people have been distancing themselves from nature throughout the history of humanity. False religious beliefs have caused many people to believe the world was created just for people and that they have the right to destroy the environment with impunity. The results of man’s destruction of the environment has been worldwide pollution, climate change and other catastrophic conditions.
    Predominately, religious people are too wrapped up in the affairs of humanity to logically see the real world. Fervent worshipers of God are trying to abide by man-made laws of righteousness and are committing crimes against nature. The religious theme of “brotherly love” should extend to all living things. When people finally recognize that all forms of life are of equal importance in God’s sight, it will be the ultimate achievement in the civilization of mankind. Ungodly religious people have limited the boundaries of their religions to exclude most of the important aspects of life on this planet.
    God and the spiritual world are basically unknown and surrounded in mystery. It is logical to believe there is a God. Judging from all the reoccurring patterns and signs of the universe, there is a higher power, but it is beyond mankind’s comprehension. People have created many false religions out of their misinterpretations of God and the spiritual world.
    The purpose of this article is to expose the hypocrisy of people who profess to believe in God and are breaking the laws of nature. All kinds of misled believers are blindly following age-old beliefs that do no justice for any of earth’s many life forms. Early explorers and pioneers of America professed to have religions, but they committed heinous crimes against nature by plundering the land and by practicing a protocol of overkill.





    The intelligence of mankind has not been balanced with wisdom. If people were wise, they would not be destroying the world like they are doing. Because of their so-called intelligence, people are trying to outsmart nature by using the innovations of science to change the world to fit their own image. The result of human interference with nature is a planet overpopulated with people. The wise approach to saving a dying world is to reduce the human population through birth control to save the environment.
    Religions are supposed to be Holy, but all kinds of crimes have been committed by people hiding behind the pulpits and the robes. From Baptists and Pentecostals to ISIS and Catholics, religious people have been deceived and misled by faulty interpretations. When child molesters were exposed in the Catholic Church, there were elaborate coverups by clergymen to conceal the identities of the criminals. Immorality has been carefully concealed in many religions.
    Just drawing attention to the misled believers will do no good unless people change their values. Too many people have let emotionalism dictate their judgement of right and wrong. Religions have come from people not God. There is no proof that anyone ever saw God or heard God speak. The presence of God is revealed only by his creations in nature. If people truly wanted to honor God, they would respect his handiwork and would not carelessly destroy the things he has created in this world and universe.
    The obvious crimes of ungodly religious people should not be the only wake-up call about what is wrong with religions. Any ideology that prevents people from living in harmony with nature is paganist and defiling. Religious people have committed “crimes of omission” by not concentrating on anything except human relationships and the bylaws of righteousness. Churches are turning out people who are so obsessed with getting to heaven that they have forsaken the world. Ungodly religious people have played a major role in the destruction of God’s green earth; they are preoccupied with saving humanity but can’t save themselves from the catastrophic conditions that they have helped to create.

--Marlin O. Wallace





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