June 29, 2022

Unjust Wildlife Laws

©2022 Marlin O. Wallace

    America has been called the land of the free, but for wild animals it is a land of torturous abuse and death. The antiquated wildlife laws of America have always been abusive and oppressive. The religious people who first immigrated from Europe to America did not recognize animal rights. The history of America has been written in the blood of overkill.
    The Federal Government, law enforcement agencies and conservation departments were all legislated and established by people who had biased religious views that overemphasized the worth of people and underestimated the value of animals. Millions of people have been misled into believing that mankind is more divine than other animals. Many people have unknowingly acquired a false sense of superiority and entitlement in their devaluation of animals.
    The majority of Americans have become so complacent from traditional conformity that they do not see anything wrong with the needless killing of animals for sport. Even the humane societies refuse to protect wild animals from abuse by hunters. The selling of hunting licenses has become a lucrative racket. The conservation departments have made it a practice to relocate black bears and other animals just for hunters to kill.
    Law enforcement recruits take oaths to protect people, but there are no oaths to save wild animals. There is no equality in the wildlife laws of America. The way these laws are written, people are considered sacred and animals are considered dispensable. In confrontations between people and animals, the authorities usually kill the animals even if humans deliberately provoke the attacks. There is far too much “euthanasia” occurring, and euthanasia is animal murder. The excuse that the authorities usually give for euthanizing an animal is that it will offend again, but this excuse is without merit since animals can be live trapped and relocated to a place away from human contact. The real reason for these needless animal killings by the authorities is incompetent people carrying out death sentences. The wildlife laws of America are based on “revenge” not justice.


    In a court of law, any person convicted of murder is not given the death penalty when they do not know right from wrong. Animals do not know right from wrong, but unjust wildlife laws judge animals like they are criminals. What these laws judge as crimes are only natural occurrences in nature.
    Countless wild animals have been killed by the so-called authorities who only thought the animals might be dangerous. In one case, a documented TV program about “river loggers” showed a wildlife agent who shot and killed an alligator for no good reason. A logger had seen an alligator in the river and contacted a wildlife agent who set baited hooks in the river. After the alligator was hooked, it was pulled in close where the wildlife agent shot it dead.
    The wildlife agent who killed the alligator was acting more like a “traitor” than a savior; he was supposed to save animals not needlessly kill animals. The alligator was in its natural habitat and never threatened anyone; it should never have been killed.
    Directly and indirectly, false religions and faulty traditions have misled the human race in its interactions with the animal kingdom. Historically, religious fanatics once slaughtered animals for sacrifices to God, and this kind of abuse and disrespect for animals has carried over to modern times. Without compassion and empathy for other life forms, the human race will never become fully civilized.


--Marlin O. Wallace






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