October 30, 2023

War Crimes In Gaza

©2023 Marlin O. Wallace

    The Biden Administration is largely responsible for the war crimes that are being carried out in Gaza. The United States is providing Israel with the military equipment that is being used to bomb, injure and kill civilians. The Palestinians are being told to leave, but they have no place to go. Instead of trying to relocate civilians to safer places before taking drastic military action, Israel is continuing to devastate Gaza with constant bombings.
    American citizens are paying for the military equipment that Israel is using in the war against Hamas. Biden and his constituents have let Israel call all the shots and are being criticized for being too weak and lax about stopping the bloody carnage that is of genocidal proportions. The babies and young juveniles in Gaza are not participating members of Hamas, but increasing numbers of them are being needlessly killed. It would appear that the morality of the American people has suffered a setback, but most people can still distinguish between right and wrong. It is obvious that the way Israel is carrying out its war plans is wrong. Logically, a cease-fire should be called and civilians should be relocated before the war resumes.


    In its rush to annihilate Hamas, Israel could be bombing the locations where the hostages are being held captive. Intensifying the war effort would logically jeopardize any possible negotiations in getting the prisoners released. It appears that a great deal of restraint is needed on the part of Israel in mapping out a plan of action that can help identify the real enemy. Not all Palestinians are part of the Hamas organization.

--Marlin O. Wallace







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