February 22, 2020

War in the Amazon Jungle

©2020 Marlin O. Wallace

    Amazon’s Guajajara Indian tribe is fighting valiantly to save its homeland from illegal loggers. These warriors are largely outnumbered and outgunned by organized criminals. Jair Bolsonaro, the President of Brazil, is actually promoting the deforestation of the Amazon.
     There is little or no justice for the Indians, and they have been repeatedly ambushed and killed by the loggers. The Brazilian police seldom prosecute the criminal loggers for their crimes against the Indians. The government of Brazil keeps stealing away land of the Indians by providing “dummy” deeds to loggers who fence off tracts of the jungle.
     In reality, everybody in the world has a stake in this jungle war. The horrors of climate change are too real to be ignored. It is well known that the leaves of trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere and help prevent global warming. The amazon jungle, once the largest rainforest in the world, acted like a giant cleanser freeing the atmosphere from carbon pollution.
     The deliberate destruction of the environment in Brazil is reminiscent of the pioneers who once devastated so much of the North American continent. Today the year is 2020, and people should know better than the early American settlers. People have had over 300 years to learn from past mistakes.







    Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil, is leading the country down a one-way road of destruction. In all of his bungling maneuvers, Bolsonaro is attempting to cash in the Amazon region for quick cash. He is completely ignoring all the major catastrophes of Brazil. It is easy to see the deteriorating side of Brazil just by looking at the ghetto slums of Rio De Janeiro; the squalor and pollution of human overpopulation cannot be avoided. Bolsonaro should be enforcing birth control instead of cutting down the rainforest.
     The leader of Brazil should be a lot more aware of his limitations; his delusions of grandeur are doomed to failure. Turning the Amazon region into a cattle and farming market is ludicrous. The soil is poor, and the only fertility comes from the winds of Africa that only leave a thin covering of dust. When the trees are cut down, the land is barren and not fit for any kind of farming.
     The whole Amazon region should be set aside as a natural monument to nature. No delusional leader like Bolsonaro should ever be allowed to continue destroying the rainforest. There should be an international agreement to forever preserve the Amazon region for all future generations of people; this agreement should be made and kept irrespective of any political restrictions of Brazil and other Amazonian countries.
     Misled leaders of impoverished South American countries are making big mistakes in their abuse of the environment. In reality, the Amazon rainforest belongs to all the people – not just the puppet dictators and criminals, and it should be protected by all the people

--Marlin O. Wallace


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