October 20, 2022

The War In Ukraine

©2022 Marlin O. Wallace

    The line has been drawn in Ukraine between the tyranny of communism and the freedom of democracy. Here, the final results of a cold subversive war will be won or lost. If the Ukrainians lose this war there will be dire consequences for all the other democracies of the world. It is inevitable that the communists will continue their enslavement of people all over the world.
    In spite of all the aid furnished to Ukraine by the United States and other countries of NATO, the Russians are continuing to maim and kill Ukrainian civilians. It is obvious that a lot more needs to be done before the Ukrainians can win this war. NATO has refused to supply Ukraine with “long range” weaponry because leaders say they are afraid of provoking Putin into a nuclear war. This kind of reasoning has only caused Putin to continue pulverizing Ukraine with air strikes.
    Any predictions about the possible outcome of this war should be based on the known facts. NATO has not directly participated in the war. Putin is clearly the aggressor, but for questionable reasons, no one is bombing Russia. All of the fighting has been limited to Ukraine. None of the wars in history have ever been won with only a defensive strategy, there has always had to be an offensive strategy. Russia is the home base of the enemy and has to be dealt with there as well as in Ukraine.
    It may come as a surprise to a few Americans to know that the “Communist Party USA” was established here in America in Chicago, Illinois in 1919. After legally being set up, the communists began infiltrating the government and other key organizations in this country. There is a lot of evidence that the communists control America. Just because the United States goes to war against a known communist country does not mean America is not controlled by a different brand of communism. Communists are subversive criminals who are not only at war with democratic countries but are often in conflict with each other.


    There are a lot of pertinent questions about the war in Ukraine. Are the political leaders of America legitimately against Putin as they claim? Are the members of NATO really so timid that they are afraid of provoking Putin into a nuclear war? What are the real reasons for Russians and Americans to be working together in the space program?
    Day after day, the news stories are graphically showing Russian air strikes destroying cities of Ukraine and killing innocent civilians. On TV it looks like a “one sided war” with Russia calling all the shots. At this time where are all the democratic nations that should be engaged in stopping communist aggression? The communists do not honor borders in their quest for world domination. Any assessment of this war should include all the proven facts about how the communists infiltrate and gain control of countries.
    It is nauseating to witness the needless destruction of this war. People in Ukraine call it genocide, and they are pleading for more help from the United States and other members of NATO. Will the democratic nations of the world stand together and stop the curse of communism from enslaving all of humanity?


--Marlin O. Wallace







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