July 13, 2016


©2016 Marlin O. Wallace

      Call it what it is, the deliberate killing of animals unnecessarily is the same thing as murder. Civilized people don’t deliberately kill animals unnecessarily. The word “murder” was coined to pertain only to the deliberate killing of a human being unnecessarily, but murder is murder and biologically it is the same thing with man or beast.
      When people invented firearms and other deadly weapons, the unnecessary and mass killing of wild animals became widespread all over the world. Historically, mankind has never treated his close relatives, the other animals, with the respect and justice they deserve. As the human race became civilized, many people began to realize that wild animals also had rights. Distorted religions and traditions became major stumbling blocks in mankind’s long journey of becoming civilized.
      People have been led astray by believing they are endowed with special spiritual powers that no other animals possess. The true worth of humanity has been greatly exaggerated by all of the religions of the world. In reality, all living things are equally important in nature’s scheme of things.
      The protection of wildlife should extend into all of the operations of the conservation agencies. As of this time, these organizations are crowding people and wild animals together, which is a bad policy for both people and animals.       The conservation departments are running a lucrative business of selling hunting licenses where the money, instead of being used to benefit wildlife, is being used to produce more animals for hunters to kill.
      All of the unnecessary killing of wild animals by the authorities must be stopped. Every time a wild animal is involved in an attack on people or even acts aggressive, the authorities have a protocol to kill the animal. All of this overkill is unnecessary since wild animals can be live trapped and relocated in a fenced-in refuge away from people.



    There is always another option to the extermination of wild animals by the authorities, but their brand of justice is blind. In reality, they are acting under antiquated laws that dictate “an eye for an eye” kind of revenge protocol where they become judge and executioner of innocent animals that know nothing about man-made laws. These officials go unpunished for their crimes because of archaic laws.
      Today, in modern times, the uncivilized and barbaric members of the human race are still practicing “overkill” in the slaughter of wild animals for sport and trophies. In the face of all of this extermination of wild animals, many people are coming to the defense of wildlife by taking positive action to save endangered wild animals.
      There is an undeclared war going on between the protectors of wildlife and the destroyers of wildlife. The main goal of the people who are engaged in the fight for wild animal rights is to outlaw the unnecessary killing of all wild animals. Another major goal is to outlaw the “farming” of all wild animals. Wild animals should stay wild and free.
      In the fight for wild animal rights, there is an urgent need to educate disoriented people around the world about preserving the environment and protecting wildlife. In every country, people are destroying the environment at an alarming rate. Many politicians and “do-gooder” religious organizations have tried to save all of humanity by destroying the environment.
      All kinds of wildlife need a place of their own. The world is running out of space because of human overpopulation. Politicians should be concentrating on reducing the number of people in the world by implementing enforced “birth control” laws. At this time, world leaders are refusing to take a stand against human overpopulation.
      The unanswered questions remain: can the distorted beliefs of countless generations of people be cleansed of the contaminating influences of distorted religions and faulty traditions? Can the majority of people learn to respect and accept other life forms as “equals” in the struggle for life on this planet?

--Marlin O. Wallace


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