July 11, 2021


©2021 Marlin O. Wallace

      The human race has always been out of control and at war with itself. Governments fail because of human nature and faulty ideologies. The only way governments could operate successfully is for the human race to live in harmony with nature, and this would require people to stop polluting and destroying the earth.
      All the kinds of governments that have been tried have basically failed the people. Right now, there is a war going on over who is going to control the human race. Capitalism and Communism are competing for the hearts and souls of people all over the world. Both Capitalism and Communism originated from religious beliefs.
      The strategy of the Communists has been to divide and conquer, but the human race is already widely divided. The world is full of conflicting religions with followers who will never unite and fight a common enemy. The Marxists are best known for their crimes against humanity; they have murdered more people than any other ideological force in the history of the world.
      At this late date, every informed American knows the communists have infiltrated the whole political system of the United States. The terms of “Democrat and Republican” parties don’t mean anything when one criminal organization is controlling them both. In 1919 the “Communist Party U.S.A.” was established in Chicago, IL. Gullible Americans allowed the enemy sanctuary in their country.
      American democracy was riddled with contradictions from the beginning. The religious people who came to America to escape the tyranny of England imposed a new kind of slavery on the inhabitants of this continent. Their religion didn’t stop them from committing genocide against the Indians, didn’t stop them from ravaging the land and didn’t stop them from turning on themselves in a bloody Civil War over slavery.
      Logically, a successful government can never be formed on distorted values. American democracy has weaknesses that were derived from distorted religious beliefs. Anyone can find out about the early Judeo-Christian religion when disciples slaughtered goats for blood sacrifices to supposedly please God. The utter disregard and violence committed against animals by these religious people have carried over to modern times and are reflected in America’s wildlife laws of today. Under these laws, anyone can buy a hunting license and kill animals just for the sport of killing. Under these laws, any time an animal attacks a human or acts aggressive, the so-called authorities usually kill the animal.


      In America’s court of law, if a human kills another human and does not know right from wrong, that person is not executed. Animals do not know right from wrong according to human standards, but they are not afforded any kind of amnesty from the police, wildlife agents or any other so-called authorities. These unjust and contentious wildlife laws came from the false belief that people are more divine than animals and have the right to exploit the earth with impunity. In reality, there’s not a soul’s worth of difference, biologically or any other way, between the unnecessary killing of a human and an animal.
      Religious beliefs have played a dominant role in why governments fail. A common lure of false religions has been the concept of “brotherly love”, which is commendable when considering human relationships, but mankind is only a single species in a multitude of other life forms on this planet. When the concept of brotherly love is tied to all the bylaws of a religion that is based on the distorted and unproven visions of false prophets, it is no longer a valid working concept.
      The purpose of this article is to highlight the reasons governments fail. In no way is this article “atheistical”; it is actually stressing the importance of people respecting and protecting God’s creations in nature and establishing a healthy balance in nature’s scheme of things.
      Living by the laws of nature is the only redemption for the human race. People are going to have to take the responsibility of their crimes against nature or suffer the consequences. The man-made catastrophes of pollution, climate change and human overpopulation will get a lot worse unless appropriate action is taken to eliminate them. Governments will continue to fail as long as people rebel against the natural laws of nature.

--Marlin O. Wallace







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