February 22, 2020
Wildlife Official Kills Alligator
For No Legitimate Reason

©2020 Marlin O. Wallace

    On February 20, 2020, a television program called “Swamp Loggers” showed men cutting down trees on the Suwannee River that flows through Georgia and Florida. When the loggers saw a large alligator in the river they called in a so-called “professional” wildlife official to remove the alligator.
     Instead of live trapping the alligator and taking it to another location, the wildlife official set baits on long lines with huge hooks. After the alligator took a bait and was dragged in on a line, the wildlife official shot it in the head killing it. In no way was this alligator aggressive; it was not trying to attack anybody. All the hysteria came from a false and imaginary threat. The so-called wildlife official killed an “innocent” animal for no good reason. This degenerate was supposed to protect animals – not kill animals!




    The loggers should never have been allowed to cut down trees along the river in the first place. The infringement on the river came as a result of “Donald John Trump’s” overturning of President Obama’s executive order that protected the watershed of rivers. Trump made a costly mistake when he ruled that a landowner’s “property line” extended to the middle of the river. Landowners soon began destroying the protective cover of river banks.
     The purpose of this article is to show how corrupted the conservation departments are and to demonstrate how antiquated the wildlife laws are in this country. The needless killing of the alligator in the Suwannee River proves there are treacherous animal assassins operating behind the law who will continue to needlessly kill animals until they are stopped.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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