February 1, 2020

Working for the Animals

©2020 Marlin O. Wallace

    I’m fighting for wild animal rights by writing about sadistic people who have needlessly abused and killed animals. I have a clear understanding about crimes against nature. I, myself, have been a victim of needless torture by barbaric people. I was tortured by the communists with radiation attacks for over 20 years. If the communists would leave me alone, I could make a lot more progress in the fight for wild animal rights.
    I’ve written many articles about degenerate hunters who have needlessly killed animals just for sport. I also wrote about how the communists have infiltrated the conservation departments and are promoting the needless slaughter of animals. I’ve exposed the degenerate people who are capitalizing on the needless slaughter of animals by having “museums” filled with dead stuffed animal trophies. People who try to make a quick buck by exploiting animals in museums and other kinds of exhibitions are only in pursuit of their own selfish goals. If these degenerates were really interested in the welfare of animals, they would create “natural” habitats for animals.


    A lot more people should stand up for animals that cannot defend themselves against guns and other deadly weapons. The corrupted hunting industry is responsible for many heinous crimes and atrocities that are being needlessly inflicted upon wild animals. America should never be called the land of the free until its wild animals are free from the atrocities that people are needlessly inflicting upon them.

--Marlin O. Wallace







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