July 22, 2017


©2017 Marlin O. Wallace

    Corrupted authorities and barbaric trophy hunters are combining forces to exterminate huge numbers of wild animals. Zimbabwe is an impoverished African country where atrocious crimes are being committed against wild animals. There are no hunting laws in this land where lions, elephants and other animals can be legally killed the year round. Zimbabwe has a bad record in its treatment of animals.
    In October of 2013, 300 elephants were poisoned to death at the water hole in Hwange National Park, a place where animals were supposed to be safe. The elephants were killed just for their tusks in an obvious conspiracy to sell ivory to the Chinese on the black market.
    In plain sight of the authorities, a family of lions is being systematically killed in Zimbabwe by sadistic trophy hunters. Xanda, the son of Cecil the lion, was shot to death by a big game hunter just two years after his father was killed by Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota. Palmer paid $45,000 just to hunt and shoot a lion. Both lions were killed in about the same place, just outside the boundaries of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. The so-called authorities of Zimbabwe had not constructed any fences around Hwange National Park to keep the animals in and the hunters out.



    The killing of endangered animals is going to continue for as long as there are corrupted authorities and barbaric trophy hunters. New laws must be legislated to outlaw the unnecessary killing of wild animals. Poachers must be stopped with whatever means necessary. There is an undeclared war going on to save wild animals. An increasing number of people are lining up on the side of the animals.
    When it comes to the degenerates of humanity, not all the savages are in the jungle. The trophy hunters who flock to Zimbabwe have all the characteristics of being uncivilized savages. Somehow in their self-deceiving delusions of grandeur, these sadistic hunters envision themselves as some kind of hero or conqueror, but in reality, they are cowardly assassins hiding behind their guns and other weapons.
    Impoverished countries like Zimbabwe should be a lot more concerned with human overpopulation than in selling their wildlife to the highest bidder. Birth control should be practiced to prevent the escalation of pollution, poverty and famine. The people of Zimbabwe should concentrate on the real source of their afflictions and not take out their frustration on the animals. The trophy hunters certainly don’t care anything about poverty-stricken people; they only want to quench their blood-thirsty appetites by killing innocent animals.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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