April 10, 2013

Exposing the Communist Conspiracy
(Part 6)

"Psychiatry and Red Asylums"

    Red Asylums first came into existence after the Russian Revolution of 1917 and signified a marked change in the kinds of people who were being incarcerated in mental hospitals. Age-old buildings that once housed only mental patients were suddenly put to a new use by the reds. Scores of dissenters and original thinkers were indiscriminately locked up in asylums on a regular basis in Russia.
    Here in America, the communist infiltrated mental hospitals had all of the oppressive and inhumane characteristics of asylums in Russia except the operation was carried out in a more deceptive way. In Russia, targeted people were openly denounced by the state and incarcerated; in America, targeted people were lied to and deceptively committed to asylums.
    Historically, red asylums both in Russia and in America represent a significantly revealing area of the communist conspiracy where great numbers of people have been mentally incapacitated and where all kinds of dissenters, non-conformists and original thinkers have been unjustly imprisoned. In the early 1980s mental hospitals were abolished in the United States but this did not alter the communist conspiracy of brainwashing and mind control.
    Psychiatry is the medical profession that treats disorders of the mind. Because of widespread abuses of patients there has been a lot of controversy about psychiatrists and the way mental health facilities are operated. A considerable amount of information has been gathered about the detrimental practices that have been forced upon patients in the treatment of mental illness.
    The kinds of afflictions that have been perpetrated against people in the treatment of mental illness caused a well-known psychiatrist, David Cooper, to come out in 1967 with the new term “anti-psychiatry”. In essence, the message of the term is: the cure of psychiatric disorders can be worse than the disease.
    Two psychiatrists who were well-known writers joined the anti-psychiatry movement. R.D. Laing, wrote a series of best-selling books, including “The Divided Self”. Thomas Szasz became famous after he wrote “The Myth of Mental Illness”. Those writers could appreciably evaluate the expansive and undefined latitudes that are often associated with diagnosing mental illness.
    People in the anti-psychiatry movement have voiced their concerns about the dangers of electro-convulsive therapy, a commonly used treatment from the 1930’s to the 1960’s. Lobotomy was another treatment that was considered dangerous and unnecessary. The over prescription of drugs for both adults and children was also a growing concern of the movement.
    Psychiatry became an important part of the communist conspiracy of brainwashing and mind control. A major goal of the reds has always been to diabolically and clandestinely cause great numbers of American citizens to become mentally ill. Through this program many people were deliberately miss-diagnosed and committed to asylums. It has been relatively easy for the reds to deceive people about the causes of mental illness. Not many people understand much about disorders of the mind and a lot of people would be only too willing to believe a certified psychiatrist.
    American citizens have largely ignored the red flags of communism. Traitorous acts and other criminal activities operating thru the government have been mostly swept under the rug. People in this country have been deceived by the government for decades.
    One of the worst kinds of subversive organizations that have ever been exposed in America came under the code name: “MKULTRA”, which was a program of the government. This criminal organization was started in the early 1950s and finally halted in 1973 because of illegal activities.




      Under the guidance and supervision of project MKULTRA, great numbers of US and Canadian citizens were secretly experimented on without their knowledge of the crimes being perpetrated against them. MKULTRA was involved in using different methods to conduct experiments on brain functions of people. LSD and other chemicals were administered to unsuspecting people, and many other kinds of experiments were done, including isolation, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, verbal abuse, sexual abuse and torture.
    The far-reaching range of MKULTRA amounted to 80 institutions, including 44 colleges and universities, hospitals, prisons and pharmaceutical companies. The CIA used a lot of front organizations to carry out the operations. A lot of crimes that were perpetrated thru the CIA were covered up by the fact that Richard Helms, the director of the CIA at that time, ordered all MKULTRA files destroyed in 1973. A Church Committee of Congress and a Gerald Ford Commission investigated the organization and found substantial documentation on many of the crimes.
    CIA documents indicated that chemical, biological and radiological means were studied for the purpose of using mind control as part of MKULTRA’s program of experiments. After MKULTRA was started in 1953, many secret experiments were performed, including giving LSD to mental patients, prisoners, prostitutes and drug addicts. All of the victims were people who were in vulnerable situations where they were unable to defend themselves. A mental patient in Kentucky was given LSD for 174 days.
    One operation of MKULTRA was called “Midnight Climax” where the CIA set up brothels in San Francisco, CA. A group of men were selected for the experiment and given LSD. A one-way mirror was arranged at the brothels and everything was filmed for later study.
    MKULTRA has been associated with several deaths and a lot of long-term damages. In one case, the US Government paid out a settlement of $750,000. The total number of victims will probably never be known because of the elaborate cover-ups.
    After the CIA recruited Scottish psychiatrist Donald Ewen Cameron, who had created the “psychic driving” concept, the experiments were moved to Canada. In addition to LSD, Cameron also experimented with various kinds of paralytic drugs. One of his projects was to experiment on people with electro-convulsive therapy at 30 to 40 times the normal power. In some cases he put subjects into drug-induced comas for weeks at a time. In one experiment a subject was in a coma for 3 months. Most of these experiments were performed on patients who had entered the hospital for minor problems. A lot of people suffered long-term damage.
    The MKULTRA project was officially started on April 13, 1953 by the order of the director of the CIA, Allen Welsh Dulles. The organization first came to the attention of the public in 1975 thru the Church Committee of Congress and by a Gerald Ford Commission that investigated CIA activities in the United States. The MKULTRA project and all the other cover-ups in this nation allude to the kind of subversive deterioration that has been allowed to come about thru the apathy and complacency of the American people.
    The slavery of communism began in violent revolution and has continued to enslave millions of people thru mass deception and mind control. The names can change; it can be called socialism, Fabian socialism or even democracy, but communism by any other name is still slavery.
    From the antiquated old buildings of red asylums in the past to the modern invisible prison of “mental slavery” where every thought and every move of a targeted individual can be monitored with long-range “mind-reading” computers, the creeping expansion of the communist state has been facilitated through a methodology that has been diabolically and surreptitiously executed. Psychiatry and red asylums have played a major role in the communist conspiracy to distort information and re-program the thinking processes of people to make them more compatible to mind control.

--Marlin O. Wallace


February 20, 2013

Exposing the Communist Conspiracy
(Part 5)

"Brainwashing and Mind-Control"

    Brainwashing and Mind-Control have always been an intricate and indispensable part of the communist conspiracy. The puppetry of mass mind-control can transform any nation into a subservient kind of slave state. The reds have been saturating America with false values and distorted priorities ever since the Communist Party USA was formed in Chicago in 1919.
    After infiltrating the government, news media, entertainment media and other key organizations in this nation, the reds were in a position to fully implement their programs of brainwashing and mind-control. The deliberate propagation of mass confusion in America has been designed to incapacitate and destroy the will of the people to resist.
    The world is experiencing a new era of “mental slavery.” Most American citizens have underestimated the dangers of communist infiltration. This infiltration not only involves the structural properties of society and government but includes the very thinking processes of people. Thru the innovations of science, the reds have acquired the means to read minds with computers and program dreams in the subconscious mind to change opinions and judgments in people. There is virtually no privacy left and no escape from the secret surveillance that is going on in America today. The reds want to know everything about American citizens but they keep all of their enslaving operations a top secret.
    Millions of people have been deceived by the innovations of science, mistakenly believing that all that is modern and convenient is for the betterment of humanity. The great store of human knowledge that has been painstakingly learned and passed down for thousands of years has fallen into the wrong hands. The reds have increasingly used the inventions of science to violate the rights of individuals.
    The reds have deliberately covered up the bad side of science, especially in the field of weaponry. Satellites, for example, while being praised for unlocking many secrets of the earth, have also been used to torture and kill people with deadly weapons like laser guns and drones.
    Beginning with the inventions of others, the reds have added to their arsenal of weaponry thru the work of many people who have unknowingly contributed to the communist cause. As history has proven conclusively right up to the present time, the reds have not changed: they are still ruthless oppressors. In this age of mental slavery, the enslaved often are not consciously aware of the source of their oppression. The innovations of science have made it much harder to recognize the “enemy within.”
    It is in the deceptive use of words and ideas that the rudiments of brainwashing and mind-control are formulated. Creating false beliefs and distorted values in a vulnerable population is easy to do when there are subversive actors regularly presenting falsehoods as accepted ideas and values of “normal” human behavior.
    In the field of entertainment, the reds have created a climate of immorality and promiscuity while promoting generations of drug abusers thru the subversion of music. Young people have been a special target of the reds because they are easier to brainwash than older people. By sponsoring people who perform distorted kinds of music, subversive promoters create trends and “idol stars” to change opinions and beliefs.
    The reds have extensively promoted “rock and roll” music in a diabolical and systematic effort to destroy morality and values in this country. There have been numerous riots all around the world brought on by the big beats and loud piercing sounds of a kind of music that has always been more noise than music.


      Another key area of communist infiltration in this nation has been religion and the churches. The reds have always made religion a top priority target. By creating false impressions, concealed communist preachers are disarming America by destroying basic values. In essence, the message of these subversive ministers is for everyone (including nations) to pray away all of their troubles and do nothing more in the preservation of freedom and justice.
    In a lot of situations, when people contribute money to a religious cause, they can never be sure of where their money is going. There have been all kinds of religious scams where people have been bilked out of huge sums of money; donated money may be used to construct more churches and synagogues where more subversive ministers will be masquerading behind the pulpits. Religion has always been an effective tool in the hands of the reds when it comes to brainwashing and mind-control.
    The proof of the communist enslavement of America lies in the victims of the crimes of the reds. If America were the “land of the free,” people would not be subjected to harassment and torture by the reds in this country with the government knowing but doing nothing about these crimes; if the law enforcement agencies of America were not controlled by the reds there would be enforcement of the laws regarding these crimes.
    Directly or indirectly, the reds have victimized the majority of American citizens. Owing to the secrecy with which subversive enemies in this nation have carried out crimes against humanity, only a small percentage of victims ever find out the truth.
    Americans are being besieged by unrecognized enemies who are in disguise. The many faces of communism appear day and night in all kinds of programs ranging from talk shows to the news media. By judging from the talk, the smiles and gestures of these imposters, an outsider looking in might mistakenly believe that all is as it’s supposed to be. The real and pertinent priorities are being buried under an avalanche of small talk, soap operas, ball games and other distractions.
    The “enemy within” looks, walks and outwardly talks like other Americans but it is hiding it’s real identity behind a cloak of deception. Often concealed communists will appear as leaders in society and government. Many of these imposters show diplomas and degrees, but these credentials prove nothing in the matter of ethics since the reds have infiltrated the whole educational system of America.
    False beliefs about this nation are prevalent. Many immigrants coming to America have been blindsided by the outward appearing opportunities of this nation, never knowing or understanding how the benefits of the American Dream have been transferred from the many to the select few. There is a lot of “favoritism” and oppression going on here in America that is directly tied to the communist conspiracy.
    The people who have been the most resistant to brainwashing and mind-control are the “original thinkers”, the people who think for themselves and who have not blindly followed trends of conformity; these are people who objectively and logically study the reality of conditions around them and are not prone to accept unproven ideas and beliefs.
    When a whole nation becomes disillusioned thru brainwashing and mind-control, the thinking processes of millions of people become regimented and synchronized; there is little or no room for individuality and original thinking. Under these conditions, life becomes a kind of robotic existence where people submissively give up their rights to be free and forego all possibilities of ever knowing justice.

--Marlin O. Wallace


January 28, 2013

Exposing the Communist Conspiracy
(Part 4)


    Guns are made for killing. Does anyone have to be briefed on the bloody history of guns? The count of the dead from guns is staggering; many more have been maimed and debilitated by these weapons. Ever since they were invented, guns have been like a bad omen hanging precariously over the lives of both man and beast.
    The destruction only escalated after more sophisticated firearms were developed. It all started when guns were invented in China in the 12th century after gunpowder was invented there in the 9th century. Today there are new kinds of guns shadowing the lives of millions of people; there are guns that fire rays in the form of lasers. The American people have not been told the truth about weapons that can penetrate homes and kill people without leaving a trace.
    The communists are using weapons that are for the most part out of sight and out of mind. Invisible lasers can go thru walls with sound waves that can be converted to electric waves. While the medical capabilities of lasers have been officially revealed, little information about the detrimental uses of lasers has been reported by the news media.
    In some ways, I equate the laser attacks in America with the “drone attacks” in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries. Here in America I’ve been deliberately tortured with lasers and in other parts of the world people are being killed by drones; from all the evidence I’ve gathered, it’s the same old enemy in all of these attacks.
    There has been a lot of talk about gun control. The causes of gun violence have been connected to everything from gang warfare to dope and general criminality. The underlying causes of psychotic behavior that results in mass killings, in many instances, indicates the kinds of pressures that are exerted through psychological warfare.
    Many people have been lulled into a false sense of security by the “Second Amendment” of the Constitution, which states American citizens have the right to bear arms. The guaranteed protections that are supposed to be afforded under the Constitution have in many ways been outdated.


      There is nothing in the Constitution that will prevent the encroachment of Communism upon a society or nation and this has been proven by Communist infiltration. Whether there is gun control or not, the firearms that are available to American citizens would be useless in any kinds of confrontations with an enemy armed with long range “laser guns.”
    When the Constitution was created back on September 17, 1787, there was no such thing as what we call “communism” today. At that time, the “enemy” was easy to recognize and was identified at home and abroad. The colonists could not envision an enemy that would one day infiltrate their government and destroy it from within.
    It has taken over 90 years for the reds to thoroughly infiltrate America. The Communist Party USA was started in Chicago in 1919, two years after the reds overthrew the government of Russia. The slavery that the reds force on a nation is always accompanied by crimes against humanity. Americans have paid a costly price.
    Beneath the deceptive surface of American society, it is as though there are “two” different Americas: one America is only the pretended image of a highly visible nation that is supposed to be a shining example of democracy; the other America, which is the real America, is the down under virtually invisible America where subversive criminals are in control. The deceived and brainwashed people of this nation have not recognized the real America for what it is.
    All the people who believe in freedom and justice can join me in my fight against communism. It was the reds who targeted me in the beginning and have never left me alone. This is the enemy I’ve had to contend with, and while I recognize who the enemy is, there are a lot of other victims who never recognize their real enemy.
    The Corillions is a music organization that was originally formed as a freedom organization. Here there are no communist infiltrators. All of my music is published under the label of The Corillions. I hope to see more people organize and take an active role in standing up for freedom and justice.

--Marlin O. Wallace


January 4, 2013

Exposing the Communist Conspiracy
(Part 3)

"Psychological Warfare"

    Millions of unsuspecting American citizens have no idea that a secret and deadly one-sided war is being waged in the streets, in the schools and in virtually every strata of society in this nation. There are no official statistics kept on the casualties of this war and most victims never know who their “real” enemy is. In spite of the almost impenetrable secrecy surrounding the facts of “psychological warfare”, enough of the truth has emerged to prove that there is a diabolical conspiracy to pit Americans against Americans.
    Of all the mass killings in this country, there has been little or no mention of psychological warfare by the news media. In fact, there has been no official warning about communist infiltration in this nation and the dangers that this poses to citizens. Pertinent information about communism and psychological warfare has been conspicuously left untold and this indicates some kind of a “cover-up”.
    The first victims of psychological warfare are the people who are harassed, intimidated and oppressed. The second group of victims consists of the people who the first victims take their frustration out on. It is a simple but deadly recipe for death and destruction. An old Chinese proverb best explains the formula: “the wounded man delights in wounding others”
    Many people can be driven to the “breaking-point” thru continuing harassment and oppression. Usually the bottled up stress and repression is released thru some kind of planned and organized way in order to accommodate any delusions of revenge or retribution a person may have. With human nature being what it is, the end result of psychological warfare is very predictable. The communists selectively pick their initial victims. People who are loners with adjustment problems and people who are prone to violence are prime candidates to become targeted by the reds.
    The reds have long boasted they would destroy America without firing a shot (and this is being done by turning people against each other). It is appallingly tragic that so many people find it hard to believe that there is an organization out there that will secretly harass, persecute, torture and drive an individual into violence. This is fact not fiction and the scope of psychological warfare reaches across all ethnic, racial and religious lines.



      For decades, the American people have been “brainwashed” thru the news media, the government and other organizations that have been infiltrated by the communists. It has all been part of the red “master plan” of divide and conquer. This kind of communist infiltration has been taking place all over the world for a long time.
    I know all about psychological warfare and the crimes that the reds have perpetrated against humanity. At this time I am in the process of writing a book describing the harassment and torture tactics of the communists. For years I’ve been targeted by this subversive enemy right here in America.
    The invisible slavery of communism in this country only becomes apparent after a breakdown in law and order. As one of those people who’ve had their rights violated by the reds, I have never been able to find any justice thru any of the law enforcement agencies. Local police departments have told me that it's not their job to fight communism and say that it is the FBI’s job. The FBI has refused to investigate my charges of communist harassment and torture. It is obvious that all of the law enforcement agencies have been infiltrated by the reds.
    Psychological warfare is carried out thru a planned conspiracy of harassment. Often a designated victim will be surrounded by “concealed” communist agitators who will harass that individual in different ways. By creating continuing stress, anxiety and anger the reds can destroy the willpower and self control of an individual, often driving that person into violence.
    Deception is what makes psychological warfare so hard to recognize. The communists lie and deceive people thru their brainwashing techniques. A targeted individual can be dealing with concealed communists in every aspect of their lives and not know it. In all kinds of relationships, including marriage, a targeted individual can be deceived by a concealed communist partner.
    Before any effective counter measures can be taken against the reds, people have to understand how communism really works. If the honest people will organize and work together there is hope for the future. At this time, the majority of people in America have failed to recognize the enemy “within” and have yet to understand and come to grips with the grave reality of psychological warfare.

--Marlin O. Wallace


September 1, 2012

Exposing the Communist Conspiracy
(Part 2)

"Communist Subversion of Music"

    The role the reds play in music is more diversified than many people would believe. It is a well-known fact that the communists promote “agitational” kinds of music such as “rock’n’roll”, (whole books have been written on the subject) but the reds also have a controlling influence in country/western, pop/blues, religious and other kinds of music.
    The best way I can expose the communist conspiracy is to reveal the first-hand information I’ve gathered over a period of many years. Early on I found out that there was a criminal organization in the music business that pilfered material by secretly spying on people. I have written original material in the supposed privacy of my own home that was later used, without my permission, in a number of widely televised songs. One of those songs had three names listed as the writers.
    It became obvious to me that many of the well-known entertainers were “imposters” who did not write the material that they were said to have written. It also became evident that original material I wrote and never performed for anyone was being pilfered and given to “staff writers” in various publishing companies.



    At this point, it is noteworthy to distinguish between “original material” that has never been openly promoted and material that has been published. True originality is scarce and that is why the communists have used every means possible to pilfer original material from people thru an elaborate system of surveillance.
    In the 1970s, it became obvious to me that the reds were behind the thievery and plagiarism of my material. At that time I was being harassed and subjected to certain types of torture tactics by the reds. I have continued my endeavors in music and hope that the honest people in America will organize and fight communism.
    I’m exposing a criminal organization that should have been laid bare a long time ago. If it were not for the phony rhetoric of subversive politicians who try to cover up the communist conspiracy, a lot more people would realize that their rights are being violated in many different ways. Under communism everybody loses.


--Marlin O. Wallace


May 19, 2012

Exposing the Communist Conspiracy
(Part 1)

"Communist Subversion of Music"

    The reds have tried to "brainwash" people by subverting music. What you hear is not always what it seems to be when you listen to a lot of music on radio and T.V.. You may not recognize the telltale signs of communist subversion in music when you hear it.
    Ever since the Communist Party U.S.A. was established in Chicago in 1919, there has been a diabolical effort by the communists to infiltrate the entertainment media in order to deceive people and exert "mind-control" over the masses by distorting musical values and creating false impressions.
    The reds have used the terms "outsider music" and "mainstream music" in their attempt to create trends and fads in music. In reality, the communists try to control what people think, hear and buy. Thru their campaigns of biased promotions, the reds promote certain entertainers and suppress others. By monopolizing the communication media, the reds are trying to smother out competition while saturating the public with the kinds of music they are trying to get people addicted to.
    Many people have underestimated the spiritual value of music and are unaware that millions of American youth are being diabolically "brainwashed" by the kinds of music that the reds are forcing on the public.
    At this point, you may be wondering what can be done about the communist subversion of music in America. As a matter of fact, there is something every concerned person can do to counteract the communists: don't support their conspiracy. Don't buy their tainted music! Don't allow your children to become brainwashed by the communists!


      The reds capitalize on brainwashing people thru mass indoctrination and mind control. By means of the communication media, which includes radio and TV, the reds try to steer people into certain "molds" of conformity. This regimented kind of thinking includes the types of music that the reds are predominately promoting.
    There are a lot of positive actions people can take to combat communism in America. For one thing, support those people who are "exposing" the crimes of the communists. Don't believe all of the phony promotional talk that you hear. Make up your own mind. Don't be like sheep being led to the slaughter thru the enslaving brainwashing schemes of the communists. Music is like food to the soul; poisoned music will make you spiritually sick!
    Thru my own experience I can inform and enlighten people about what is really going on here in America today. I have studied the whole history of communism and I know how it evolved from being called "the reds" to "Fabian Socialism". Also I know how it relates to it's appendages in the music business which can be as well known as "payola" or as subtle as subversive "staff writers" who pilfer material from people thru clandestine "spying".
    When I started The Corillions music organization, I made sure that there would never be any kind of communist subversion of my music and songs. As part of the bylaws of the company, I would be the only writer of all the music and songs that could be published, recorded or promoted under the name of The Corillions.

--Marlin O. Wallace



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