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August 6, 2015


©2015 Marlin O. Wallace

     The population bomb keeps right on ticking away despite all the attempts to defuse it! The seeds of destruction are being sowed 24 hours a day all around the world. As more and more people are being born into this already overpopulated planet, there will be dire consequences to reckon with. The world will not obligingly accommodate the billions and billions of people who are predicted to be here in the near future.
    Scientists are scrambling to find ways to save people from poverty and disease, but they can’t save people from each other. Directly or indirectly, every person represents another threat to the environment and when this is multiplied billions of times over, the results are catastrophic. The final prognosis of the population bomb will be worldwide mass destruction. There will be continued annihilation of the environment, pollution, climate change, pestilence and great human suffering and sacrifice.
    With the current world population estimated to be 7,259,891,370 and the projected world population to be 9 billion by 2040, there is great concern for the near future. Some nine countries are expected to account for half of the world’s projected population increase; India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bangladesh, Uganda, United States, Ethiopia and China.
    The demands of an overpopulated world are staggering. In spite of all the handouts and other goodwill gestures there will be continued starvation. Mankind has upset the balance of nature and built his numbers up at the expense of the natural environment. Advances in science have made it possible to eliminate many of the age-old scourges that once helped to keep human populations in check, but an overabundance of people is depleting the earth’s resources.



   At some point along the way it appears that human intelligence was somehow turned into a curse. For every problem people have solved they’ve created a lot more new problems. Today the runaway population of the world is composed of billions of people who are destroying the environment at an ever increasing rate.
    Because of conflicting views, governments of the world can never agree on what to do about the population bomb. Different kinds of birth control have been tried in China and the United States but not enough people have participated.
    Ecologically, man is his own worst enemy. He pollutes his environment and is at conflict with his own kind. Whether or not man can be saved from himself remains to be seen. The seeds of destruction are being sowed and the world is bracing for an all-out assault.
    When all those new people get here it won’t be one big happy family. There will be offshoots of every kind of religion in the world plus atheism. There will be a lot of kicking and shoving going on along with sucker punching. The newcomers will be as cantankerous and despicable as people anywhere and the whole world will be a whole lot crazier, chaotic and dangerous.
    The population bomb is for real and it's time people recognized it for what it is. Burying your head in the sand won’t make it go away and making excuses and justifications for it won’t change anything. The encroachment and devastation of too many people on earth will only get a lot worse.


--Marlin O. Wallace



March 1, 2016


©2016 Marlin O. Wallace

   The “number one” problem in the world today is “too many” people! If the billions of people who are predicted to be born in the near future were never born, it would be a much better world. Every person who is born is another threat to the environment.
    Scientists around the world are working feverishly trying to find ways to feed, clothe and house the exploding population, but they should be concentrating on birth control. The human race is painting itself into a corner of destruction by overpopulating the planet. Strict birth control laws should be legislated and enforced in all parts of the world.
    Politicians are ignoring the dangers of the population bomb and are only telling people what they want to hear. Religious leaders are making the population crisis worse by preaching against birth control.
    The only logical way to diffuse the population bomb is to prevent women from having babies. All of the “fertility clinics” along with sperm and egg collectors and surrogate mothers should be outlawed. One thoroughly misguided California woman, Nadya Suleman, better known as “Octomom”, got the world’s attention about the discrepancies of these fertility institutions.
    Suleman began IVF treatments in 1997 when she was 21 years old under the care of Dr. Michael Kamrava, who later had his medical license revoked by the Medical Board of California. This woman should have never been allowed to have those 14 babies.
    To understand how the population bomb was created, it is necessary to study the whole history of humanity. The philosophies, traditions and religious beliefs of people have played a dominant role in distorting human values.
    People have tried to explain the spiritual world with many different religions and this has caused mass confusion. There are reoccurring patterns in nature that indicate the existence of a spiritual world, but it is beyond the comprehension of mortal man and no amount of emotional “storytelling” will change anything.



In reality, the spiritual realm is just as mystifying and unknown today as it was in the past. The bottom line in most religions is the belief that people are vastly superior to all other animals and that the universe and everything in it was created just for humanity.
    From the beginning, people had little or no respect for the environment and carelessly exploited everything in it. Through science, people were able to eliminate many diseases and other factors that had formerly kept human populations in check. People were also able to invent tools and deadly weapons, which posed a greater threat to the environment. Finally, through agriculture, people were able to feed more of the growing population.
    It was ironical that the science that was saving people was also creating the population bomb. The effects of “too many” people in the world are becoming devastatingly clear with climate change, pollution and crime. Huge cesspools of slums are festering in great sprawling cities and there are enormous trash piles where the throw-a-way garbage and junk of humanity is dumped – and this morbid environment could soon envelope the whole world.
    There is no escape from the pollution of people. A huge region larger than the state of Texas is floating enormous amounts of trash in the Pacific Ocean. As more people are being crowded together, they are becoming increasingly more resentful of each other. People hate people for all their crimes against nature; people hate each other for the worsening conditions of the world.
    In spite of the catastrophic consequences of overpopulation, the majority of people, because of greed and other selfish reasons, believe that they should have children, never thinking about billions of other people who also think they should have children. The population bomb keeps right on ticking away and the world is running out of space and people are running out of time.


--Marlin O. Wallace



June 29, 2016


©2016 Marlin O. Wallace

    There are billions of people in the world who are unaware of a growing crisis and a ticking time bomb in their midst. The population bomb is like a deadly out-of-control cancer that shuts down the organs of an otherwise healthy body. There are many warning symptoms long before the fatal outcome is reached. A period of “slow death” is experienced in the beginning where human values disintegrate. Food and water shortages, land depletion, climate change and mass pollution are unmistakable symptoms of the population bomb.
    Politicians and many “do-gooder” religious organizations are mostly involved in dealing with the “symptoms” of the population bomb and are not concerned with the disease itself. It is the blind leading the blind. These leaders completely ignore the source of the crisis. Politicians tell people only what people want to hear. The religious organizations let misplaced emotions lead them to fanatical lengths in trying to save all humanity at the expense of the environment.
    When the water is not fit to drink and the air is not fit to breathe, many people awaken for the first time and acknowledge the effects of the population bomb. All of their lives, many people have been duped into believing that “human expansion” is a good thing and that progress is measured by how much civilization is spread around the world. This so-called “progress” has caused poisons and contaminates to be mined from beneath the earth to be used to defile and pollute the surface of the earth. People have created their own artificial world at the expense of the earth’s natural resources.
    Because of self-centered misguided leaders, the majority of people have been led astray. The fact is, there are too many people in the world and conditions will get a lot worse unless the problem is addressed and soon. Birth control is the only sensible solution to the problem of “overpopulation”. The question remains, will ignorant and apathetic people practice birth control?
    To diffuse the population bomb, all the nations of the world have to diligently practice birth control. Women have to take preventative methods to stop having babies. Every baby that is born is another threat to the environment; that infant has to be fed, clothed and taken care of at the expense of the the earth's natural resources. When all of the billions of babies that are being born are added up, the results are catastrophic. The earth cannot long support this uncontrollable deluge of humanity.
    Man pollutes his environment and this trash buildup has escalated to the point of contaminating large regions of the earth’s surface. A trash pile larger than the state of Texas is floating in the Pacific Ocean and continues to grow as nations dump more trash into the oceans.


    As of this time, 2016, the so-called leaders of the world are continuing to ignore the population bomb. Backward and barely civilized countries are devastating the environment like the pioneers in America did, never facing up to the real crisis of overpopulation.
    When people are crowded together it only makes a more volatile world of discontent, violence and wars; human values disintegrate and people flounder in a state of mass confusion without realizing the real source of their afflictions. The population bomb is exploding before the very eyes of dumbfounded politicians and clergyman who are only misleading the people and doing nothing to avert the catastrophic conditions of overpopulation.
    Educating people about birth control is a monumental problem. Even women who live their lives in squalid conditions are continuing to have babies in a world where mass starvation is eminent. The values of these people are so distorted that they cannot see the overpopulated world as it really is. The most of these women believe having babies is good and ignore all of the bad consequences of their actions.
    The accumulative buildup of the population bomb comes not only from a runaway birth rate but also from all of the scientific advances that have saved people from numerous diseases. The population buildup also comes from an increased food supply through modern agriculture. It could be that these scientific advances have disillusioned world leaders about the real threat of “too many” people on this planet.
    Trying to “outrun” the population bomb will be a losing race for all humanity. The inevitable consequences of robbing the natural environment for the sake of trying to save an exploding human population will end in disaster.
    If the human race acted now and cut off the extravagant birth rate, some of the natural environment could be saved. If people can be educated to see that “humanity” is a bad thing when it causes other life forms to become extinct because of “too many” people, it would be a step in the right direction. People need to understand that all the plants and animals of this world need a place and space of their own where they can propagate and flourish without being destroyed by humanity. If people really understood what is at stake here, there would be a universal agreement that birth control should be enforced in every nation of the world.




--Marlin O. Wallace


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